Apple iPhone Fold, iPhone 11: Leaks, Rumors, Release Date

Apple usually releases two iPhone updates since 2014, but following the launch of radical folding smartphones by Samsung, Huawei, and upcoming Xiaomi, Apple ambitious iPhone plans are taking shape.

A few days ago, Apple revealed patents that cover its plans for a folding iPhone. The illustrations show up the screen orientation and hinge design.

Interestingly,  this design looks very real. While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was a disappointment to many people due to its breakable screen, coincidentally, Apple plans to release a punch hole iPhone design.

Aside from iPhone Fold, iPhone 11 models will be released this year. I have something interesting to share with you today about the rumored iPhone Fold.

Apple iPhone Fold: Rumors, Concepts

iPhone Fold was a kind of response to the Samsung Galaxy Fold if Apple were to release their version mimicking. That said, in case Apple was to one-up Samsung, to release this phone, there is a decade that this kind of technology takes a while to release.

You might not know that Apple has been working on a foldable phone since 2014 if they were to launch it to be absolutely cutting edge. There is a chance this could be done after the introduction of iPad Pro.

Thanks to ascending news and Ralph TheoDore II, he provided a beautiful concept about iPhone Fold. While it’s not final form and there are still mistakes,  it looks stunning.

Another concept coming from Katara on Behance, it looks beautiful. This an Apple Fold part iPhone and it looks gorgeous. The concept itself is quite solid. When you think about a foldable phone/tablet,  you might not think how it applies in your life until Apple does it. The high chance is that it gonna be an iPhone/iPad hybrid and I think this is the best possible sense of this product.

In recent videos of Samsung Galaxy Fold, they showed that there’s a lot of difficulties that go into the mechanism. If it’s not done correctly, you will get a line at the center of the screen. There is a lot of engineering to clear hurdles, so a concept like an image above is not out of the question, but there are still many hurdles to clear first before it can go on shelves.

That’s why Apple’s all patents have something to do with the mechanism itself with heating pixels so that they will not crack over time. Although there is much to do with the actual durability, it’s a work in progress.

Needless to say, Apple 2019 iPhone models will be less interesting. With Samsung and Huawei both stating their folding phones will cost over $2,000, Apple equivalent might be truly eye-watering.

However, it’s no denying that an iPhone doubling as an iPad is a device that many would pay thousands of dollar to own.