Apple iPad Air 3 Coming Soon. See What it Looks Like

For most fans of Apple Inc. The Apple iPad Air 2 is already becoming obsolete and many have wondered why Apple has been reluctant especially with the release of something like the iPad Air 3 to at least succeed the iPad Air 2. In this curiosity therefore, we keep getting various rumours with regards to the expected iPad Air 3.

What is still intriguing is that amidst all the rumours and curiosity Apple Inc has preferred to remain silent. However, the latest rumour showing a drawn image of what the expected iPad Air 3 may look like is probably a signal that the Apple iPad Air 3 may be unveiled at Apple’s even in March.

Apple iPad Air 3

If the latest drawing of the iPad Air 3 that showed up on the Internet recently is to be believed, the iPad Air 3’s four speakers will be placed just like the iPad Pro’s four speakers, with a pair on the top edge and a pair on the bottom edge.

According to 9to5Mac , Apple may also be testing iPad displays that support its Pencil stylus, though that feature may cannibalize iPad Pro sales. The change would be targeted at creatives who find the a 12.9-inch display too large, and are already comfortable with the iPad Air’s 9.7-inch display. Further, introducing a second product that works with the stylus may increase sales of the $99 accessory.

The iPad Air 3 may also be seeing strong spec bumps, as Digitimes is reporting that the tablet will have a 4K display, up to 4GB of RAM and improved battery life. On However, these changes will drive sales, as Apple has been gradually raising its tablet specs over the last years, and iPad purchases have steadily declined over the same time span.

According to another leaked schematic for the iPad Air 3, which shows all of the previously mentioned design changes, Apple’s next ultra-thin tablet will have very similar, but slightly larger measurements. The drawing, which Engadget claims is from a “reliable source,” shows the iPad Air 3 to be 6.15 millimeters thick, just slightly thicker than the Air 2 (6.1mm). That change could be connected to the rumored Pencil-compatible display, and the leak also purports that the Air 3 will be 0.1 inches wider, which may be tied to the addition of the Smart Connector port.

All the above remains merely a rumour as we can’t possibly say what Apple Inc has in mind since they have not said anything. We may however be seeing the Apple iPad Air 3 in March this year.