AOMEI Backupper – Reliable Backup Freeware

Given that a variety of backup solutions are out there for Windows users, we decide to introduce you one of the best backup freeware for reference. In case you have no idea on what does backup software do, answers are copying system images and creating backup ISO files, which are a copy of digital data and will be used when computer crashes, most importantly, to bring computer to its working statues with no data lost.

AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0 is an easy backup freeware, previously known as AOMEI Data Backuper. If you ever give it a shot, you will find out that it is a simple backup application for backing up files, folders, partitions, disks or Windows OS.

AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0 Homepage:

It’s well organized and classified into Five main section: [Home], [Backup],[Restore],[Clone] and [Utilities]. By following its guidelines, you can easily finish the operations needed.

[Home] Section

AOMEI Backupper - Reliable Backup Freeware

As soon as we launch AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0, we will enter [Home] immediately. In which, we will be given the choice to [Create New Backup], to import/export backup images, and to view previous backup images. In details, we can choose to check backup images based on backup timeline. It’s also allowed to run [Restore], set backup plan, delete backup, or others. It’s considerate to give all these options there.

[Backup] Section

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By clicking [Backup], we can directly create a new backup. There, we have [System Backup], [Disk Backup], [Partition Backup], [File Backup] and [File Sync] as selections.

Highlight Backup Features:

System Backup: A press on [Start Backup] in [System Backup] will run a backup of all data on system drive, which will make a complete copy of Windows system and installed software. It’s unnecessary to stop using computer to make a system backup.

Disk Backup: Backup disk choice supports you to backup any disk, like MBR disk, GPT disk, external HHD, USB stick, etc. All you need to do is to select the disk and backup destination.

Partition Backup: There are reasons and needs to backup a partition or volume individually instead of backup an entire disk, so AOMEI Backupper leaves [Partition Backup] selection there. Using it, you can run any logical drive backup, e.g. backup logical disk (D:), backup logical disk (E:), or backup logical disk (G:).

[Restore] Section

AOMEI Backupper

Backupper Standard 4.0 [Restore] gives you choice to fast run a system restore, as well as universal restore from a complete computer backup image. We’ve tested and run system recovery, disk recovery and file recovery, below is the remarks we’d like to share:

System Recovery: Easily and swiftly get system partition restored. Once recovery is done, Windows system will be bootable.

Disk and Partition Recovery: Perfectly recover the entire hard disk drive, partition or dynamic volume to backup state.

Specific File/Folder Restore: Individual file/folder will be restored to a customized destination in a fastest speed.

[Clone] Section

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Differed from Backupper Standard 3.5, AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.0 drops [System Clone] feature. The feature of [System Clone] is reserved to PRO version. It allows to copy one hard drive to another, or make a partition copy to another without generating an image file.

[Utilities] Section

AOMEI Backupper - Reliable Backup Freeware

In Backupper [Utilities], anyone can use it to check a backup image, making a bootable media. Have to mention that in Backupper 4.0, it leaves merging backup images and PXE boot tool for PRO version, which features need a paid update.

Besides Backupper has a PRO version. AOMEI even produces a server version for windows server backup. AOMEI provides many a solution for different platforms and different situations. Delightful is that main powerful features are in free standard version.