Android M: 10 Things You Should know About The New Android OS

Android M has started to gain traction since it was first unveiled at Google I/O n May 28, 2015. This new Android Mobile operating system is focused on incremental improvements and feature additions. A lot is anticipated from this latest OS and to clear the air we have compiled a list preview of Android M.

M is for Marshmallow – Google next Android update

Android M The 10 things you should know techlug

Google’s new Android update is named Marshmallow and Android Marshmallow is expected to be released in the fall.

Here are 10 things you should know about the new android update;

Visual Voicemail

According to the information gathered from developers, Android will provide visual voicemail. This would allow the voice mail to have a visual interface. As previously the voice mail included audio based set up. This would be dependent on the mobile service providers for its activation.

Screen rotation

You may have wished your home screen rotates while using your android device. Well Android M has made this feature available which will allow the phone to be used in landscape format whether you are using applications or you are on home screen. Sounds interesting!

Integration with Google Health

The latest buzz in the world of smart devices is tracking your fitness. Android M will now be integrated with Google Fit. You would be able to keep track of your fitness through various apps which will allow you to keep a real time record of your various fitness parameters.

Enhanced Keyboard

Android M will not only provide a better keyboard with more personalized experience but will also allow you to use a third party keyboard software to be used as default. This will allow users to use the keyboards which they are most comfortable with.

Better Storage stats

Android M will have an improved and simple way of showing the amount of storage available. Storage will have simple line bars to display the amount of storage consumed by various apps and the amount of internal storage space available for you to install new apps.

Messaging Hub

Android M will provide a unified messaging hub which will allow you to quickly dispatch or delete emails, text or watsapp messages. You can very well integrate multiple email and messaging accounts in the hub to handle them easily.

Notification syncing

Android M will support syncing of app notifications for multiple devices. Android M will allow all Android based devices synced in a way that whenever you delete a notification from your Smartphone, it will get deleted from your tablet or any other smart devices running on Andriod OS.

Integration with Car and Home gadgets

Android M would run on a forward looking technology which will allow your Smartphones and tablets to be integrated with your car. Android M will allow you to pre plan your route through GPS of your hand held device before entering your car which will then be synced with GPS of your car. You can also decide your playlist before hand through your Smartphone which will be played in your car while you commute. Android M will also allow syncing of various home gadgets which could be operated with voice commands.

Battery Saver

The biggest concern for Smartphone and tablet users is running out of battery. With the increased dependability of smartphone’s and tablets it has become very important for these devices to optimize battery usage. Android M is anticipated to have an inbuilt battery saver function which will provide you extra 90 minutes of battery as per Google.

Integration with Google Now

Android M will provide Google Now option on Tap. Google Now acts as a personal assistant which provides you information on weather, traffic and gets the latest feeds on your favourite sports. The Google Now integration will make the whole Android M experience a more delightful one.

Guest and parental control

The guest control option will allow you to provide a limited access whenever you give your phone to anyone else. You would not want your personal credit card information in the hands of anyone else or children to get access to your important files. Android M will provide a Guest option which is way above the access control options seen any of the previous version of Android.

App Drawer fixed

The Android M will replace the horizontal scrolling pages from Lollipop with a vertical list. Previously the apps were fixed alphabetically which had a lot of wasted space. The icons in Android M will be smaller which will fit in a compact Grid. You would be able to search the apps using a search bar and the four recently used apps are listed across the top. The app will require a very less time scrolling.

The developer preview has created a lot of anticipation for Android M. Whether its native support for fingerprint recognition to unlock devices and authenticating Play Store or new power management scheme known as “doze”, Android M is surely a step ahead form it predecessors.