AirBar Adds Touch Screen Capability to Any Laptop

Hello my amiable reader, I was wondering how great you will feel to read that you can now convert every normal laptop into a touch screen laptop. Yes you read that right, the days of pressing some hard buttons on your Pc are gradually fading away, laptop with touchscreen are now taking over as they proves to be more easier to use and add more functionality to your laptop. If your laptop happens to come without a touch screen functionality, you don’t need to replace your whole laptop to get the functionality. At CES, Neonode announced the AirBar, a peripheral that connects to a USB port and gives any display touch capability to any laptop . This is great news right?


Interestingly, Airbar was designed in such a way that it doesn’t get on the way while you use your laptop and it fits just under the display. It’s a thin, black rectangle that rests on the bezel underneath the screen if you have a black or gray laptop, you may not even notice that it’s there. It uses invisible light to detect where your finger is on the screen and provide that feedback to the computer.

Obviously, you don’t need to worry about the make or size of your computer as Neonode says that the AirBar will work with laptops running Windows or Chrome OS. The AirBar will come in four sizes to support most displays: 11.6 inches, 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches. Cool, Huh?

Another interesting thing is that the AirBar eliminates the issue of driver compatibility. The device is plug and play – whereby you just need to plug the AirBar into a USB port, align it on the screen, and you’re ready to touch.

Neonode plans to ship this device in May but be sure I will let you know when it arrives Nigeria.

Watch the video on how Airbar works to adds Touch Screen Capability to Any Laptop


Stay tuned!