How to activate an iPhone without SIM card

If you are using an iPhone, you might know that iPhones require a SIM card for activation. It could be a problem for many iOS users who want to use their device due to some reasons, like surfing the internet or listening to music. In this post, we would like to share you solutions that you have been looking for. Here is how to activate iPhone without the need for a SIM card and take advantage of all the functionalities of your iPhone.

Activate your iPhone using iTunes software:

With this method, you need an unlocked iPhone, a computer (Windows or Mac is okay) and the latest version of the iTunes software installed on it (you can download it from here).
iTunes is considered as the most helpful method to bypass your iPhone activation without requiring a SIM. A great feature that iTunes offers are doing such a service.

The first step you should do is to connect the iPhone to your computer using a USB or lightning cable certificated by Apple. After your iPhone is connected, iTunes will appear a message to instruct you steps to activate your iPhone.

Once your phone is detected by iTunes, click on the “Set up as new iPhone” option and choose “continue”. There will be a window prompting you to “Sync with iTunes”. All you need is to click on “Get Started” and click the “Sync” button. Hold on it until the end of the process and when the synchronization is completed, unplug your iPhone from the computer and complete the remaining process on your phone. It will be activated and you can then connect to the Wi-Fi and use your iPhone as normal.

If you are prompted by iTunes that you need to install a SIM card to activate your iPhone, there is a chance that your iPhone is already locked. In this case, this method is not for you.

Activate your iPhone using X-SIM or R-SIM:

Asides from iTunes, here is another option. You can use R-SIM or X-SIM. This kind of SIM that is very popular with the iPhone. Let’s see how this method works.
After you inserted this X or R-sim into your iPhone, there will be a group of network operators. Then, choose your carrier from the list to go through the activation process. If you don’t see your desired network in the list, just click on “input imsi” option. The imsi code includes 7 digits, referring to a particular cellular network, and you can find the imsi code of your network on the internet. Provide the correct imsi to your iPhone.

Once you have typed in the right imsi code, select your iPhone category from the suggested models. When you are done, choose your appropriate unlocking process and then follow the on-screen instructions to do so. When you see a confirmation message, simply click on “Accept”, and your iPhone will instantly restart to apply the modifications you have made. Your iPhone will then be activated.


If none of the methods above didn’t help you, the leftover option is to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking means that you have destructed sort of limitations and restrictions by Apple, so you can easily activate your iPhone without a SIM card.