9 Cool New Things Of Siri Shortcut In iOS 12

Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 adds automation tools to iOS devices. It can encompass Siri suggestions for app actions displaying in Spotlight, Siri functionality for actions of third-party app actions, and especially the new Shortcuts automation app.

You will do cool stuff with these new features on your iOS iPhone/iPad. With the Shortcuts app, you will be able to build several workflows where you can even do more than only 1 action just with talking to Siri. You can also create Siri phrase for specific actions inside favorite apps without any difficulties and opening the app. You will then see the results in line with the Siri view. In this post today, we’ll show you 9 cool things you can do with Siri Shortcut. Let’s get started.

  1. Suggestions in Spotlight Search

In iOS 12, you don’t have to set up a custom shortcut to use it. Instead, Siri will automatically index possible actions from installed apps and then display them in Spotlight search. Swipe down and you will see an option to call someone back, to return a conversation, or to visit a website you usually visit.

You’ll also see suggestions to open an album in Photos app or start a timer and more. All you need is to tap on the suggestion. When you are familiar with, you can now search for it in Spotlight.

  1. A Wide Range of Third Party Apps Supported By Siri

In previous versions, the number of third-party apps supported by Siri has been limited, and abysmal. It could only be used for a certain kind of app you always need to mention the app’s name.

Although Siri Shortcuts doesn’t fix problems completely, there is a big improvement over the previous version. Apps in iOS 12 can now mark actions, which can be done using Siri. Siri will possibly jump to a specific part of an app, do a task or show information from the app.

There are a number of third-party apps such as Things, CARROT Weather, Streaks, Overcast, etc have already added Siri Shortcuts support. You can about this in two ways. The first way is to find the Siri Shortcuts section in the app’s settings and view all customizable Siri Shortcuts.

The second one is heading Settings to see all available actions across all installed apps. Tap on Siri & Search -> All Shortcuts and you can browse everything.

  1. Open Siri Shortcuts from Spotlight

Using your voice to do stuff in third-party apps bring cool feelings. However, you cannot talk to your iPhone. In such cases, you should search for the phrase in Spotlight. When you find your shortcut there, simply tap on it and use the Do button to start the action.

  1. Control Multiple System Level Features

As mentioned the biggest part of Siri is Shortcut app. With the app, you can create complex workflows. For example, let’s do something from 4 different taps. You can create a workflow to disable Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, while enabling AirPlay mode and Do Not Disturb mode just with a command. To do so:

  • Launch the Shortcuts app and tap Create Shortcut.
  • Next, search for and add fours actions: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay and Do Not Disturb and toggle them in your preferred state.
  • Tap on the Settings button and name for the shortcut. Next, add to Siri button and then record a phrase for the shortcut like “poweron” or something.
  • Finally, simply open up Siri and say the phrase. The shortcut will then start doing four things you set, one after the other.
  1. Create a Shortcut for Morning Routine

In iOS 12, you can easily create a shortcut for multiple things for your routine. It’s also a great way if you want to learn about several actions in the Shortcuts app.

We recommend you to discover the Search panel. You can add shortcuts for things that have already done like launching or opening a website, and so on. The tasks depend on what your routine is like.

  1. Use Voice to Control Overcast

Third party podcast users can now use Siri to get their work done. Overcast app for iPhone is now updated to work with Siri Shortcuts. All you need is to head to the app settings and choose Siri Shortcuts. It allows you to record custom phrases so that all major actions can be done directly in the app. You can also resume your podcasts, play a playlist, switch off voice boost and so on.

Get Overcast

  1. Create Your Own Siri News

The process is very simple. You simply copy and paste the URL of a website in the RSS link and Siri will then read five latest headlines from that source. Interestingly, it also works on HomePod and over AirPods.

So if you have a favorite website and keep reading on it every day, you should use this workflow. Just import the shortcut from the link below, and then replace the title as the RSS URL with your beloved website.

Get Siri News Reader Shortcut

  1. Import and Edit Complex Workflows

You don’t need to be a master to use Shortcuts automation on your iOS device. There’s always a great community for building and sharing workflows.

However, you can start by looking at the Gallery section in the Shortcuts app and import one of the 300 shortcuts created by Apple and then you can play around with them.

Here are some useful sources that you can find your favorite shortcuts: Shortcuts subreddit and Sharecuts website.

  1. Use Siri to Get Personalized Weather Data

You can always ask Siri about the weather, but the amount of information you receive from Siri is fairly basic. But CARROT Weather is the other hand.  With up to 17 different kinds of Siri Shortcuts, you not just ask for the usual thing like today weather, tomorrow’ forecast, but also ask for sunrise or sunset times, and more.

Download the CARROT weather app and open it. After that, go to Settings and select Siri Shortcuts. From there, record a phrase that you want to use for the futures. Additionally, the Extended Report, Rain Report, as well as Temperature features are also available.

Get CARROT Weather ($4.99)

Here are 9 new cool things that you can do with Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 version. If you know other cool tricks, let’s know in the comment below.