5 Cool Features You Should Know About Photos App

For the first looks, you might feel the Photos app in iOS looks simple as it’s only a convenient dumping ground to sort through your selfies and photos.

However, inside it is an app that comes with a surprisingly wide range of options for you to choose. Thanks to smart options after tapping on Edit button, you will feel these tricks are intuitive to use. Here are some of the most useful features that you should know, though they are a little tricky to find.

Convert Live Photos into GIFs

When the Live Photos was first introduced on the iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, it seemed like it was on the way of capitalizing on the thirst for the animated GIFs, which could support the social media. Although Apple did not allow you to turn the Live photos into the GIFs until last year, it’s now so easy if you want to make your live photo a Gif. All you need is opening the Photo app> choose Album at the bottom right corner. From here, launch the Live Photos album and choose the photo you want to transform into a GIF. After that, swipe up on the photo and there will be a list of effects such as Live, Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. Tap on Loop or Bounce, and the chosen image will be automatically saved in the Animated album.

Navigate to the Animated album, and press the share button at the lower left corner, you can share it to your friends as an iMessage or upload it to other platforms.

Mark up your photos

Marking up a photo is now easy with the Photo app. After taking a snap, simply launch the Photo app and choose the image for scribbling on. Next, tap on Edit and choose More Options button on the right side of the menu bar. Take note the Markup button and tap on it.

You can now draw on your photos using tools such as a pen, highlighter, or an eraser with six different colors. For the matter, tap on the + sign on the right side of the bottom toolbar if you want to write a text or use a magnifying glass, and more. But you should note that this feature does not work with Live Photos.

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Name people for easy searching

The Photos app works well in spotting the specific faces, but it cannot name if you don’t tell it to. To name someone, quickly find them through the Search tool. To do so, head to Album, then tap on the People album. You will see Apple has grouped a number of photos of the same person.

If you’d like to name that person, select his/her photos and then tap on Add Name. Tap Next after entering his/her name and you’re done. To add more photos of that person, simply scroll down to the bottom of his/her collection of photos and choose Confirm Additional Photos. The Photos app will prompt you to confirm your choice.

Add new people to Photos album

Sometimes you will see Apple could not recognize the photos you previously took of someone, so they won’t appear in the People album. This usually occurs when you don’t have enough photos for the facial recognition feature for building a workable set of data.

However, you can work around this by opening a photo of a person you want to add, then swipe up on the middle of that photo.

Create an Apple Watch watch face

You easily set one of your photos for wallpaper, but might not know that you can do the same thing on your Apple Watch. To do so, launch the Photos app, choose the photo that you want to turn it into an Apple Watch photo watch face and then open it. Tap on the square options button in the lower left, there will be options, including the Create Watch Face option. Choose it, and then you will see the photo on your Apple Watch in Photos or Kaleidoscope view. After that, tap on Add button on the screen and you will now see the chosen image showing up on your Apple Watch screen no matter the watch face were you using before.
Sometimes you need to crop the image for the fit, but generally, it’s a process adding a bit of personality to your Apple Watch.