Experiencing a problem on your computer might be frustrating at times but you don’t have to worry so much. Fortunately enough, most big problems at time require simple solution to fix them and meanwhile, understanding your Pc is also important, it may develop an error at times which can be a usual error that you don’t have to panic over to the extent of contacting an expert or an engineer.


With my experience and other frequent questions i use to receive, today i will be dropping the 5 common Pc problems and how to fix computer problems.

One of the most common and worst type of computer error is the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) , you can read on HOW TO FIX BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH ERROR

» A Slow Computer ; A slow computer might be frustrating at times most especially when you are doing an important thing on your computer but at times your computer may not be the source of the problem it may be due to an application running or a video buffering for too long. If you are experiencing a slow computer or even a slow internet connection you can try this simple tricks by navigating to your desktop, right click >> refresh or simply press F5 ( it might not work on some systems e.g window 8 based system ) several times

Microsoft’s System Configuration is a tool for tackling slow performance because many applications launch automatically when your machine boots up which can delay boot time. So is advisable to trim the startup items.To do this, Open the tool by pressing Window key + R, then type msconfiq and press  Enter key.

computer problem and their solutionChecking the Startup tab and Manufacturer columns is the best way to figure out which potential performance-killers you can safely disable from start-up. N : B ; Avoid messing with any of the services and programs that have Microsoft Corporation listed as the manufacturer. Services such as Windows Update, Windows Audio, Google Update, AdobeAAMUpdater and the likes.

And also, uninstalling some programs that are not useful and closing unnecessary application running that you are not using will also make your computer faster

» I Lost/Deleted a vital Document or File ; You don’t have a back up and lost a file or mistakenly delete a vital document then you don’t have to worry , try and read this ; 4 WAYS TO RECOVER YOUR LOST/DELETED FILES .

» Computer is restarting OR Freezes at times ; Did you just update somethings on your computer that requires it to automatically restart your computer ? this might cause your computer to restart. But Hardware problems being hard to diagnose and solve, it will be advisable to update all of your critical system drivers such as motherboard, network card and graphics card drivers.

But when your computer freeze (hang) it’s somehow more serious than a slow Computer. In most cases it is caused by running a program with intensive memory being more than what your computer can handle or even viruses, especially spyware that has been installed on your computer. The problem can also be caused by hardware – at times if you just install some memory or recent software updates for example a Windows Update.

So, If you suspect the problem is hardware related, you can try uninstalling any component you recently installed, or try removing or unplugging unnecessary hardware one piece at a time then booting your PC to see if the problem goes away. You can also try using Windows Restore to roll back to a previous restore point.

But sometimes it might be due to virus or other destructive programs

Note ; Modern computers have safeguards that shut down the system automatically if your computer encounter error or when you’re running resource-intensive programs or video games.

» Computer Making Strange Sounds ; When your computer is making strange noises, it is most likely to be a hardware issue. One of the best things to do is to restart your computer but if the problem persist, try and listen to where the sound is coming. Usually it is due to the fan being dirty or develop a fault but on other occasions it can be due to the hard drive or other components. If the noise is coming from other sources of hardware aside from your hard drive, you may need to visit a computer engineer. But mind you, reason why it’s important to always keep your computer from a dusty place or a place that is not ventilated is this, always place your laptop above a plain surface to enable the fan to cool and prevent heat because this always cause your laptop cooling fan to make strange sounds.

You can’t find your Pc problem in the list ? wait a little bit before contacting an expert, there are some issues that require only restarting your computer, Yeah ! So simple as ABC, try this simple trick that work like magic and save that your hard earning.


• Checking your Pc operating system and anti-virus updates is necessary and  most importantly updating them.

• Enough space on where your Pc operating system resides could boost your computer performance and speed.


Dear reader, as you know we have different type of common computer problems, you may have try all the above methods or you can’t even find your computer problems there. kindly contact me, I might be of help fix your Pc

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