5 Basic Computer User Tips You Should Know

Have you heard of these computer user tips? I guess not, there are thousands of user tips that will ease your user experience, out of which are some which are essential,that if care is not taken can cause harm to your computer. But in this post, I will be specific on 10 Basic computer user tips, they are basic but very important.

computer user tips

#1. Basic Computer User Tips – Backup Your Files Or …

Have you ever seen a person who system just crash, believe me, it’s a shocking and bad moment, the main reason been data lose due to lack of back up. To avoid sh*t like this, try and back up your files, Assuming you installed your computer operating system on :C drive, you can partition your hard drive to have another drive named 😀 drive, where you can save your files, this way if your computer crashes, you wouldn’t lose those files in the drive.

#2. Basic Computer User Tips – Get Updated!

Do you know your Computer will be vulnerable to attack by not keeping your files up-to date? You heard me right! Keeping your computer updated is an important task that people do overlook which suppose not to be, they believe it’s a waste of time and as well internet data wastage, but it really worth it! Updating includes OS updates, programs updates and Antivirus definition, without these updates, your computer will be prone to program problems or system malfunction. So, it’s advisable to keep your system updated to avoid issues you wouldn’t like.

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#3. Basic Computer User Tips – Using the power option the right way!

The power options; Shutdown, Hibernate & Sleep Mode, serves different purposes, using the options in a right way at a right time is hygienic for your computer, do you now shutting down here and there almost every time could cause harm to your computer? you can read on this article for more details: Shutdown, Hibernate & Sleep Mode – The Best For Your Pc

#4. Basic Computer User Tips – Uninstall Useless Programs!

Do you still have those useless Programs on your computer? you are really sacrificing your system speed and memory for them, there is no reason to have them on your computer, gone are those days we brag about program icons we have on our desktop, it’s really funny 🙂 and absolutely rubbish. Because the more programs equals more resource usage,  As more software are being installed on your system, the more strain it put on your computer resources. Assuming your computer is of low memory, definitely your computer will slow down, so why still having them when they serve no purpose rather than to cause harm to your system.

#5. Basic Computer User Tips – Secure your personal data and information

The internet is not a safe place and always full of treats, so thereby there is a great necessity for securing your personal data and information, secure your computer with password, use strong password which are not easy to guess, avoid using open public Wi-Fi without protection, install a good Anti-virus on your computer, that doesn’t replace common sense, remember! you need to be careful too.

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