3 Must Have Apps for 2016

You have probably lost yourself a time or two, while trying to figure out exactly which app you should download for any purpose on your mind. Lucky you, we are here to help you make up your mind. As follows is a stated list of the best rated and reviewed applications of the year 2016; these apps may not be essential to your work or daily life, but they are utterly fun and amusing. You can download any of these apps on your Iphone or Ipad via a valid apple ID, from the Apple Store.

3 Must Have Apps for 2016


You may investigate the rationale in endeavoring to replace the stock Mail application on your IPhone, yet Airmail is a couple bucks well spent in the event that you feel obliged by Apple’s application. Airmail’s worked around accelerating work process.

In spite of the fact that its interface is not any more mind boggling than Mail’s at first glance, the application’s much more element rich. There are a lot of customization alternatives for swipes crosswise over letter drop messages, and messages can be rested. Archive reviewing is quick and effective, and the connections channel is brilliant for rapidly looking over documents you’ve been messaged.

Making messages is better than Mail too, not slightest because of Airmail’s shrewdly considered custom console toolbar, which incorporates connection and arranging catches.

A substantial scope of activities (print; make PDF; outsider application joining) bonds the application’s place at the highest point of the iOS email customer load. In case we’re being critical, it’s not exactly adequate with respect to email resting to still nostalgic strings for the now-dead Letter box, however even that is a nearby run thing. In addition to all of that the application is only for 4.99.

Cheeky Fingers

Cheeky Fingers is what you are looking for, even if you do not know it, and it is for 2.99. Indeed, even on iPhone, chordbooks have a tendency to be dry undertakings, loaded with dark dabs and lines, and the unmistakable stink of dreariness. From the off, Cheeky Fingers kills such dim rivalry through being excellent, straightforward and having a bit of fun.

On dispatch, it brightly plays ‘C’, toon digits on a console indicating finger situating for the harmony. Tappable catches and tabs then give suitable access to an immense scope of different harmonies, whether you’re attempting to take in an essential ‘E-minor’ or expert an ‘A-level seventh suspended fourth’.

The more you play, the more incredible things you find: changing the root (most minimal) note with a swipe; flipping between harmony (all notes without a moment’s delay) and arpeggio (in a steady progression) playback; and diving into related harmonies and movements (sets of harmonies that frame the premise of a melody). You can even spare custom movements, and in spite of the fact that that framework isn’t sufficiently adaptable to change Brassy Fingers into a songwriting instrument, it further impels the application past “insignificant” advanced chordbook domain, making it a vital download for yearning and skilled keyboardists and piano players alike.


This app is custom made for all the moms and dads, who are willing to leave their phones in the hands of their children, just for their children’s enjoyment. For most kids, plastic keyboards and annoyingly noisy toy drums are an ordinary beginning stage in music; however Loopimal eagerly attempt to acquaint kids with the idea of PC sequencing.

Luckily, it does as such by method for exceptionally inspirit moving toon creatures, splendid shapes, and a lot of energy. Hit play and you’re quickly demonstrated a creature bouncing its head to a sponsorship track. You then drag hued pieces (from a choice of five) into eight vacant openings. At the point when the playhead moves over the shapes, the creature includes its own particular sounds and songs, regularly while performing noteworthy gymnastic feats.

It’s Loopimal’s character that at first wins you over. Unless you’re dead inside, you won’t neglect to let out a grin when an octopus begins playing crazy basslines with its appendages, or the percussive Sasquatch gets all stompy. Cleverly, once the player timekeepers how Loopimal functions, the screen can be part into two or four, to consolidate creatures and their remarkable sounds. The one major miss is the failure to spare your composition, however every Loopimal riff is in C-major this implies you can utilize only the white notes on adjacent consoles to play alongside whatever frenzy is going on inside the application.