iOS 13 Preview: What’s New In iOS 13 Version

Yesterday, Apple officially introduced the latest version of iOS operating system, iOS 13, at the keynote event of 2019 WWDC. The iOS 13 version is a huge overhaul to iOS platform, with a range of new features.

In this post, I and you will discover what’s new in iOS 13 version for supported iPhone/iPad devices.

What’s new in iOS 13 update

In this update, Apple continues with the optimization trend that was previously released in iOS 12. iOS 13 will become faster and more efficient than ever. The update times will be improved, app launch times are faster two times, app download sizes are reduced by up to 50%, as well as Face ID is faster 30%.

Dark Mode

iOS 13 comes with a new feature, called Dark Mode, which can change the entire UI of the operating system from light to dark. You can either enable this option or set Dark Mode to turn on at sunset. All the inbuilt apps will support Dark Mode, while third-party apps can use Dark Mode APIs for adding Dark Mode integration.

Photo App

Apple redesigned the Photos app when iOS has a new feature which can curate your Photos library and then show you the selected highlights from your life by days, months or years. All your Photos and videos will be intelligently arranged, making it easier to show you off your favorite memories.

Photo editing tools integrated into Photos app that has existed in previous versions have also been revamped to make it easier for editing photos. The editing tool is now at the bottom of Photos app, and you can see the slider wheels right at your fingertips when tapping on the “Edit” button.

iOS 13 also brings the photo editing tools to video editing, allowing you to rotate, crop, and even add filters to videos. With the Camera app, you can also make some Portrait Lighting adjustments, changing the light to closer or further, depending on your look. Apple has also added a new High-Key Mono lighting effect that lets you create the monochromatic appearance.

Connectivity And Security

In terms of connectivity, iOS 13 has less obtrusive volume HUD for the first time, and you can now download apps for any size through LTE connection, not just Wi-Fi on previous versions.

There is also a new “Find My” app in iOS 13 (even macOS, and iPadOS), which combines both Find My iPhone and Find My Friends features together. This is a newly nifty feature, allowing you to track your iPhone/iPad even they are not online by leveraging Bluetooth and nearby iOS devices.

Apple has also added a new Sign In with Apple privacy feature in iOS 13 update, giving you a safer way when you sign into apps and websites. Your Apple ID can authenticate your account using Face ID or Touch ID, and developers will see unique random IDs instead of your real info.

Apple also generates single-use randomized email addresses, so you will no longer need to provide your real email address to run an app. In iOS 13, two-factor authentication is also integrated into this feature to give you better security.

Controls And Apps

You can find new controls for limiting the location data in iOS 13 that let you better protect your privacy. You can allow apps to access your location only one time, and Apple will automatically notify them when they use your location in the background without your permission.

The Maps app has received an update as well, featuring broader road coverage, more accurate addresses, and more detailed landcover.  Some cities and state, rolling out to the entire US later in 2019 are now available in the updated Map app. There will be more countries added in the next year.

There are still multiple apps received great features in iOS 13 version. Reminders app has been overhauled with a redesigned look and more intelligent features, making it more useful than before. You can now easily keep track of reminders, and there is a toolbar for you to add times, dates, locations, flags, and do other actions. The app even integrates deeply with Messages, allowing you to tag someone in a reminder when you message to that person.

With Messages app, there is a new Profile feature, letting you share your name and photo, and there is also a ton of new Memoji options with three new Animoji, including octopus, cow, and mouse. Memoji stickers– a great feature, will turn your Memoji into sticker packs that can be added into the iOS keyboard to use in Messages app, Mail app.

Siri in iOS 13 also comes with a new voice which sounds more natural, and you will find a new Suggested Automation feature in Shortcuts, suggesting personalized shortcuts that are compatible with you. Siri now adds Live Radio, and this assistant is possible to access stations like iHeartRadio,, as well as TuneIn.

CarPlay has been redesigned with a new Dashboard view when opening music, maps. The redesigned Calendar app, and Siri also work with third-party navigation and audio apps.

HomePod comes with a new feature in the new iOS 13 version too. HomePod can now distinguish different voices, so everyone in your home that has a profile can easily access their favorite music. The new Handoff setting allows you to seamlessly transition your favorite music, or phone calls from HomePod to your iPhone/iPad just in a minute. You will also see a new sleep timer, which can disable music after a period of time.

A new Voice Control accessibility option lets you operate your iOS device entirely just by using your voice, and the swipe-based QuickPath keyboard option helps you text quicker.

If you usually use Text editing, it’s now much easier, thanks to scrolling improvements and more accurate gestures when moving the cursor. Files app, which was first introduced from iOS 11, now supports sharing folders and lets you access files in the external storage.

The Health app has also a feature to monitor hearing health based on the environmental noise level near you. If you are a woman, you can take advantage of a new Cycle Tracking feature which can monitor menstrual cycles.

Safari leverages Siri Suggestions to show up your frequently visited websites, bookmarks, Reading List selections, as well as links sent in Messages for personalized Safari page.

iOS 13 is now released for developers to have a test, but there are still many existing bugs to work out. In the early days of July, there will be a new iOS 13 beta update available to public beta testers before the official launch in September.

Right now, if you want to install iOS 13 beta version, you can follow this post to install it on your iOS device: How To Install iOS 13 On iPhone/iPad