How To Fix Netflix App Not Loading Properly On iPhone XS

In terms of mobile television and entertainment demands, Netflix is considered as the most widely used apps in both Android and iOS devices. However, similar to other apps, Netflix is not free from flaws as well, thus there are a lot of users encountering different types of random problems with the Netflix app on their phone.

But, on a brighter side, these problems are only related to software errors and thus they can be fixed at home. Tackled in this post are possible solutions that are used to fix problems with the Netflix app on your iPhone XS. If you couldn’t make Netflix app work on your iPhone XS, feel free to try these solutions in this post.

Solutions to fix Netflix app not loading properly on iPhone XS

Before proceeding, you should make sure that your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Fast and stable Internet access is one of the main requisites for online apps to work properly. If your iPhone is encountering network connectivity issues at all, so that’s what you need to fix first. After the Internet connection is resolved, all the online apps including Netflix will be running properly again.

If the Internet is good, but Netflix still doesn’t work properly, you can then start troubleshooting with these methods below.

Solution 1: Close then restart the app

If it is the first time that Netflix is acting up on your iPhone XS, it is due to a minor glitch on the app. Such problems can easily be solved by restarting the app. If you have not already, then close and restart Netflix app on your iPhone XS:

  1. Swipe your finger up at the bottom of the screen and then pause a second to open Multitasking
  2. Swipe right or left to scroll through apps preview.
  3. Swipe up on the Netflix app preview to close the app.

If there are also other apps running in the background, then quit all of them in order to prevent any of them from causing troubles to Netflix app

Once you close Netflix and other suspended apps, re-open Netflix app again and check if it’s already working well. If it’s not, move to the next methods.

Solution 2: Restart your iPhone XS

If re-launching the app doesn’t help, then it could be caused by some minor errors on your iPhone system. In such cases, you should try a soft reset. A simple restart will clear cached files from your iPhone storage, including errant files that have caused the app to act up. The process will not affect any saved data on your iPhone, hence backing up files is not necessary. And here’s how to do it

  1. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  2. When the Slide to Power Off command shows up, drag the slider to the right.
  3. Wait for 1 minute and press firmly the Power button again until the phone boots up.

Wait until your iPhone boots up completely, relaunch Netflix app and check if it works properly.

Solution 3: Update Netflix app and iOS version

Installing new pending updates for Netflix app as well as your iPhone system can also be a good solution if the problem is related to system errors and bugs. Software updates usually include patches to fix existing issues, so keeping your apps and system up-to-date is highly recommended. You can check for a pending app update of Netflix app on your iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Open App Store from the Home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Updates tab to open up the list of apps with pending updates.
  3. Scroll through the list and find Netflix app
  4. Tap on Update button next to the app to install its pending update.
  5. If there are multiple app updates, you can tap in Update All button to simultaneously update all apps.

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To check for any iOS update available, head over to your phone settings and tap on software update menu by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on GeneralSoftware Update.
  3. If there is a new update available, choose Download and Install

Now, simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update. When the update is done, restart your phone to apply the recent changes as well as prevent apps and services from acting up.

Solution 4: Reinstall Netflix app on your iPhone XS

The app might be completely corrupted and could no longer work if you do not reinstall it. However, before reinstalling, you have to delete the problematic Netflix app first. Should you wish to give it a try, then here’s how to uninstall and reinstall Netflix app.

  1. Tap and hold on the Netflix icon until it starts jiggling.
  2. Tap on X next to the Netflix app icon.
  3. Read the warning prompt, and choose Delete to confirm the deletion.
  4. Reboot your iPhone after you remove Netflix app.
  5. Open the App Store app
  6. Search for and reinstall Netflix app from the search results by tapping on Cloud icon or Get 
  7. Follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to complete installing Netflix 

After the process is completed, reboot your iPhone to ensure the app is properly installed. Next, run the app to check if it’s working as intended.

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Solution 5: Reset all settings on your iPhone

You can also consider performing a system reset if the problem still persists. The prior methods are good to fix app-related issues that are caused by in-app errors. However, if the problem still remains, you are encountering a more complex system error. In this case, you should reset settings n your iPhone. You should not worry as the process doesn’t affect the data on your iPhone. Here’s how to get it done:

  1. From your Home screen, tap on Settings app
  2. Tap on General > Reset.
  3. Choose the Reset all settings option
  4. When prompted, enter your phone passcode.
  5. Now, tap on the popup to confirm all settings reset.

Wait until the process is done. After your iPhone reboots, it means that the reset finishes. Your iPhone will then be restored to the default options and settings. At this point, you can start setting up features that you want to use on your phone.