What Should You Do If Your Mac Gets Stolen

Having your Mac been stolen might seem the worst thing, but you can try some steps in the hope of getting it back or at least making an insurance claim. Let’s take a look at what you should do if your Mac gets stolen or lost.

Take Preventive Measures In Case Your Mac Is Stolen

It will be too late to protect your data if your Mac gets stolen. So, you should start protecting your device as a precaution.

FileVault feature allows encrypting the hard disk on your Mac. With the password protection, no one can access your files; but if you don’t enable the encryption and someone can easily access your device and all your data will be read or stolen. So, it’s pretty essential to enable FileVault to protect your private data.

FindMyMac allows you to track your Mac, lock it or wipe the data when it’s stolen remotely. You’d better enable it by navigating to System Preferences > iCloud and turn the “Find My Mac” option on.

You can also add a message to your Mac’s the lock screen. If you set a message, there’s a chance your Mac could come back if it wasn’t actually stolen. All you need is adding your information such as contact numbers, home address… in the message.

Almost the stolen Macs cannot be seen again. So you want to keep photos, important documents, make sure to back up your Mac regularly using Time Machine. In case your Mac is stolen, at least you can keep your data.

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 Use Find My Mac to Lock or Wipe Your Mac

Since Mac devices don’t come with GPS or the cellular data connection, so Find My Mac cannot always locate your Mac as the way you do on the iOS devices. Your Mac needs to be connected to Wi-Fi before you can use the Find My Mac features to lock your device or erase the data from it. However, if you’ve previously encrypted, the thieves cannot access your Mac, so it will never be connected to Wi-Fi to notify you.

  • Visit com from any web browser, and then sign in your iCloud account
  • Choose the “Find My iPhone” option. Or you can open the Find My iPhone app on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Select your stolen Mac from the list.

If the location is available, it will display on the screen. If not, you should check the “Notify Me If Found” section to receive an email if your Mac comes online. But it’s important to keep in mind that you should not attempt to get your Mac back yourself.

Otherwise, there are three options for you:

  • Play a Sound: This option is mostly useful if your Mac has been misplaced somewhere nearby.
  • Lock Your Mac: Allows you to remotely lock your Mac using a password and then displaying a message. If the thieves try wiping your Mac, they cannot reinstall macOS again on it.
  • Erase Your Mac: This option will wipe out all personal data from your Mac. But we recommend you to use Lock Your Mac. You should only use Erase Your Mac option when your private data is unsecured. It’s always better to set up FileVault first before your Mac gets stolen.

If your Mac has been insured for loss or theft, you should contact your insurance provider and then provide the police report and your purchase receipt of your Mac for them and start processing the claim.

In conclusion, the sad truth is that if you have your Mac gets stolen, the high chance you no longer see it again. Hopefully, at least you claim money from an insurance policy.