How To Lock Private App On Your Android Phone

Sometimes, someone wants to borrow your phone, but you don’t want them to access your personal data, which you just want to keep yourself. So, it’s always a good idea to keep them away from the apps such as WhatsApp, emails, or gallery. Here are the common ways to help you protect your sensitive information on your Android phone from prying eyes.

Method 1: App lock apps

There is a range of apps on Google Play Store that supports blocking apps. Just open the Play Store and search term ‘app lock’, you will see dozens of results. But according to other Android users, there are two apps that don’t require too many authorizations, which are App Lock from Keepsafe & CM Security Antivirus Applock. Let’s take a detailed look at these two apps:

App Lock

You won’t be able to take screenshots after installing Keepsafe app, but the plus point is that the app doesn’t require any authorizations. Although the setup process asks for the type of the lock such as pattern, or fingerprint, you don’t have to register a fingerprint again.

You can also provide your email address for the better security, but this is optional. You will then receive the system settings, where you need to grant access to the data usage. Without grating it, the app won’t possibly realize if it has been opened. Next, go back to App Lock choose the apps you want to lock.

CM Security Antivirus Applock

Basically, CM Security comes with almost same functions as App Lock, as there is a pattern covering the protected apps. Alternatively, your fingerprint can be used for unlocking. For the setup steps, it will require you for the access to your contacts. In case you forget the pattern, the CM Security Antivirus app will provide a security question as a replacement. You will also be asked for the access to data usage during the setup process.

But CM Security Antivirus Applock still comes with a few negative points. The CM app doesn’t block too fast, so sometimes a quick glance at the notifications is still possible. Another minus point of CM Security Antivirus Applock is the annoying internal advertisements.

Method 2: Block apps using tools

Samsung Secure

If you are using a Samsung smartphone, you can easily move the apps, pictures and other documents into the Secure Folder. It’s protected by your main account with the unique code. Even when you plug your device into the computer, you won’t be able to access the data in the secure folder.

If you use the Secure Folder, you will need to set up the apps from the scratch. All the notifications will then be sent from the Secure Folder to your profile. In conclusion, you will get a full protection, which is difficult for stealing your data.

PrivateSpace Of Huawei/Honor

The EMUI interface has a feature, called PriveSpace. All the data and apps are controlled by the main user without having to put them there. You can also create another user on your Huawei/Honor phone and then use a different lock option to protect the chosen area.

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Method 3: Create a guest account

If you feel the third party apps are not reliable enough for your device, you can take advantage of the operating system. You can easily create a guest account on your Android phone. To do so, tap on a button above the quick settings at the top and create a new user.

Once you created a guest account, if someone else uses your phone, they will only be able to install apps from the Google Play Store, and cannot make phone calls, send messages, or access the contact. It also includes all your apps.

The App lock apps are a good idea, but the effect has never been overestimated. If you are a smart Android user, you will know how to protect your private apps on your device.


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