How To Control Your Kid’s iPhone

iPhone gives your kids access to amazing things, but it also puts them at some risks. Fortunately, Apple has your back.

There are is built into iOS, called Restriction for you to do a few things such as protecting your child’s privacy, protecting your child’s access or protecting your credit card. Here are 7 parental controls that you can use on your kid’s iPhone.

  1. Disable certain apps

After turning on Settings> Restrictions of your kid’s iPhone, there will be an Allow section at the top that allows you to disable the certain apps you don’t want your child to use. You can also prevent your kid from installing apps or making purchases on their iPhone.

  1. Content restrictions

There is Allowed Content section below the Allow option where you can prevent your child from purchasing the movies and TV shows. If you want to prevent the websites, you can choose Limit Adult Content or Specific Website Only with smaller kids and then select from the list.

  1. Prevent changes

Scroll down to the Restrictions page, you will see the Allowed changes section, which allows you to prevent your child from making changes to their iPhone. You can also prevent your kid from changing their account as well as the cellular data plan. The last one in the list, named Do Not Disturb While Driving should be turned on.

  1. Privacy settings

You can also prevent your child from making changes to various apps in the Privacy section. Furthermore, check if the Location Services is enabled and, which apps are using it. You should make sure that you select Don’t Allow Changes in Share My Location so that your kids can’t turn location tracking off.

  1. Game Center

Sometimes, multiplayer games can be a cesspool of poor language. At the bottom of the Restrictions page, tap on Game Center section and disable Multiplayer Games so that your kid can still play games without appearing the online gamers.

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  1. Location Sharing

In Family Sharing section, check Location Sharing in the Shared Features section and enable it. After that, you can use the Find My Friends app to check where your iPhone-toting child is.

  1. Ask to Buy

After you finish setting up the Restrictions on your kid iPhone, add them to the Family Sharing section. You will not only share App Store purchases and iCloud storage space, but you can also get some control over the App Store purchases.

If your children are under 13, you should then create an account for them. To do that, head to Settings > Family Sharing > Add Family Member and tap on Create a Child Account. After that, follow the on-screen instruction to create a new account. The account will then appear in Family Members of the Family Sharing page.

After adding your kid iPhone as an official device, you can now start using the Ask to Buy feature to accept the App Store purchases. To do so, go to Settings> Family Sharing, tap on a family member and then enable the Ask to Buy feature. From now, you will receive a notification on your iPhone to approve or decline the purchases on the App Store.