Methods To Fix A Broken iPhone Charger

It’s no surprised if your Apple chargers frays, snaps or breaks through constant usage. The quickest solution for this is buying a new certificated cable for the replacement, but it is quite costly. So, in this post, we will show you methods to fix your broken iPhone charger.

Check Whether The Charger Is Working

Firstly, you need to make sure the separate parts of your charger are connected correctly. It includes the Adapter and the USB cable for connecting to your device. If everything is plugged in correctly, your phone still fails to charge, it’s time you should do to troubleshoot:

  • Try another plug in the house.
  • Perhaps your iPhone/iPad has a fault. You should test your charger to another device.
  • The cable can also be at fault too. That time you should try another cable while keeping the same adapter, as well as socket.
  • If all these tests pass, the issue comes from the adapter. In case you have another adapter, you could test it for sure. If not, simply plug your iPhone/iPad into a PC.
How To Repair A Broken Power Adapter

To fix a broken iPhone charger, there is one way left with the power adapter. However, you should know exactly what you’re doing as attempting to open and repair is a thing that is not advisable due to the delicate insides. So, the best option left is buying a new adapter.

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How to Repair a Broken Lightning to USB Cable

As you know, Apple’s cables can easily fray and snap. If you notice, your cable might show signs of tear, so it is better to tape it. This will strengthen the jacket and make the cable less prone to give snap.

However, if the cable has already gone without the return, then there is only an option left is soldering it. If you are able to manage a soldering iron, there will not have any problem. However, it’s still better to buy a new one.

Here is the guide on how to fix a broken charger of your iPhone/iPad. Hope this way works with you