How To Fix Your iPhone/iPad Stuck At Verify Update Screen

Updating to the newer iOS version for iPhone/iPad users is never difficult. You just go to General -> Software Update -> Install Update. After getting a prompt to update, you’ll see the Update result in the Update Requested message. However, some people have recently said that they get stuck at the update without knowing any reason. So in this post, we’ll share with you some methods to fix your iPhone/iPad stuck at Verify Update screen.

Methods To Fix Updating Software Stuck On iPhone/iPad Issue
Solution 1: Restore From Old Backup

The first solution you can try is restoring your iPhone/iPad using iTunes. However, remember that doing this way will cause all data and settings to be deleted. To do this:

  • Press the home button and connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer opening iTunes g.
  • You will now see a popup message saying that your iPhone is in recovery mode, which means it’s ready to be restored.
  • Head to your device on the main toolbar and click on Summary tab.
  • Choose Restore.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to back up your data.
  • Finally, restore your iPhone/iPad to its previous settings.
Solution 2: Reset Network Settings

A stable internet connection is required every time updating iOS. If the Wi-Fi connection isn’t stable, there is a very high chance that your iPhone cannot find the update and might even get stuck at the verify update screen. The solution here is disconnecting with the current network and then connecting your iPhone to another stable internet connection.

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Solution 3: Restore Your iPhone Using iTunes
  1. Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac.
  2. Plug your iPhone/iPad to the computer and select it from the toolbar for older versions.
  3. Make sure you have already backed up your device before. Then click the Back Up Now
  4. Download the latest iOS firmware to install on the device.
  5. Once the ipsw file you use to restore to is downloaded, press the Shift key/ Option key and restore your iPhone.
  6. Head to the folder where you store the ipsw file.
  7. iTunes will prompt you if you want to restore to factory settings. Next, click restore to continue.
  8. Agree and terms and condition
  9. iTunes will now extract the firmware, the installation will begin.
  10. Once the process is complete, iTunes will prompt you to reboot your device. Click on OK.
  11. Now, you can choose either ‘Setup as a new iPhone’ or ‘Restore from this backup’.
  12. Click continue and your iPhone should be working perfectly now.

These are the easy methods to fix your iPhone/iPad stuck at Verify Update screen. Hope this post is useful for you and let’s know your thoughts in the comment.



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