How to Make Another Brawl Stars Account On iPhone/iPad

SuperCell has recently introduced a new game, called Brawl Stars for iOS devices. However, unlike the previous Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, there is no reason for users to create a new account for Brawl Stars. Although we know that many of you make mistakes when starting out, there are no elements in the game requiring a new start.

However, that’s not the only reason, we’ve also heard some valid points from beginners. They felt bored when having too many brawlers and they wanted to start over. The others want to have a better luck when opening their brawl boxes. So to help you play the game more easily, we’ll show you the way to create a new Game Center ID so that you can play 2 or more Brawl Stars accounts on your device. As the game is not rolled out for Android, so this tutorial is only valid for iOS devices.

How to Create a New Account for Brawl Stars

We will divide into separate steps so that you can follow them more easily.

  1. Signing out of your current account

First, launch the App Store app on your iPhone/iPad and sign out your current Apple ID. After that, navigate to Settings > Game Center and tap on your Apple ID account and also Sign Out.

  1. Re-installing the game

If you are still keeping Brawl Stars on your iOS device, please remove it. Next, launch the App Store again and create another Apple ID. At this time, make sure you choose Canada as your country as this game is only available on the Canadian’s App Store. But you can also check the current release status of Brawl Stars. If it’s already released worldwide, simply select your country.

Once you’re logged into your new Apple ID, download and install Brawl Stars.

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  1. Sign into your Game Center

Go to Settings app > Game Center and sign in your new Apple ID as your new Game Center account.

Back to your home screen and launch Brawl Stars game. It will detect that you’re using a new Game Center account. The game data is now reset, and you are now able to start all over again.

Following the above method, you can make a second Brawl Stars account yourself. Hope this post useful for you.