How To Customize The Keyboard On iPad In iOS 10

You feel unhappy with the way the keyboard working on your iPad. Don’t worry as we are here to help you customize the iPad keyboard as your liking so that you can type on your iPad the most comfortably. Although Apple has designed the keyboard for iPad such a way that users can communicate with your friends, many of you still want to customize the keyboard into different ways to make it look exactly as you desire. Here is how you can do this.

How To Customize The Keyboard On IPad

  1. Create Shortcut

A shortcut is a great way that can help you save your typing time and luckily, Apple has some special things for you. iOS 10 allows you to add a shortcut of a full sentence. Once set, your iPad’s keyboard will automatically display the full sentence as soon as you press the shortcut. To do that

Go to the Settings > General > Keyboard. Here scroll down, find the ‘Text replacement’ option, and then tap on it. Next, enter the full sentence and then the abbreviation, which you want to use for. Once you are done, tap on the Save button at the right corner. Launch your iPad keyboard and see the result.

  1. Change Keyboard To AZERTY Or QWERTZ

If you are comfortable with the default keyboard settings on your iPad, there are options to make you feel convenient. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and look for the option International Keyboards, choose English. Under this section, choose the one you feel the most comfortable for yourself.

  1. Add Built-In Keyboard

You can also change the keyboard completely instead of only customizing the existing one. Apple allows adding various keyboards in the iPad so that you can communicate in different languages with ease. But you need to do some tweaks in the settings options.

  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard
  • Tap the Keyboards button and choose ‘add new keyboard’.
  • Here, choose the one you like.
  • After you added the keyboards, next time when the keyboard appears for typing, you will be able to access to any of the keyboards you have previously added.

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  1. Install Third Party Keyboard

If you want to add a third party keyboard to your iPad, you can then download and install it app on your iPad. Here is how you can do that. The process is very simplr.

  • Head to Settings > General > Keyboard and tap Keyboard Settings.
  • Next select add new keyboard and choose the third party keyboard you jst downloaded.

Now you should set a keyboard as the default one, to do that:

  • First of all, head to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and choose Edit at the corner.
  • Now, drag the keyboard you want to set as the default to the top of the list.
  • Finally, tap Done and the selected keyboard will become the default.

These are some tips to help you customize your iPad in iOS 10. Hope this post useful for you and let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.