Steps To Set up Parental Controls on Your Mac

If you have to share your Mac with other members in your family, then setting up parental controls for the children is very important. Doing this can help you limit the access to your apps, websites, as well as protect your privacy. So in this post, we’ll show steps to help you to create a safe Mac environment for your children.

How to Create a User Account on Mac

  1. First click the Apple logo and choose System Preferences.
  2. Now choose Users & Groups.
  3. Click the lock to turn on changes and enter your password when you’re prompted.
  4. Now, add a new user by clicking the + button.
  5. In the New Account dropdown box, choose Managed with Parental Controls.
  6. Complete other information for your child and click Create User.

Open the Parental Controls

  1. Once you have created the user’s account, click the Open Parental Controls
  2. If the user’s account already exists, simply click the Apple logo. After that, choose System Preferences > Parental Controls and click the lock icon to enable changes then enter your password.

However, you should make sure that you have  selected the correct user on the left before doing any changes.

Set up the Controls

  1. Choose Access to Apps

The first thing of the controls will let you choose the apps for your child to get the access to on your Mac. If you choose to Limit Mail, simply click Manage to enable a list of allowed contacts. You can also set an email address to check if anyone tries to exchange messages with someone outside the list.

If you want to limit Apps used on the Mac, you just select the ones in the Allowed Apps box. After that, click on the arrow near Other Apps and Utilities to open the lists of apps for your choice.

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Web – Set Browser Restrictions

You can also choose your option from the three radio buttons for the specific website access. If you set for children, you will able to make the access to only certain sites.

Click the + button and choose Add Bookmark to add a link or choose Add Folder to create a new folder.

If you want to remove a link or folder from the list, simply select it and click the button.

Disable or Restrict Stores

The next section allows disabling access to the iTunes Store, and the iTunes U. Only check or uncheck those options as your liking.

You can also restrict media such as movies, music, or books. And one more thing you should note that movies, television shows, and apps will offer rating and age options.