Steps To Easily Create Custom Ringtones For iPhone

When you are in the public, there is a thing that might annoy you is the same default ringtone of other people. Although the default options allow creating a common ground for branding, these sorts of things are not something that everyone agrees with. We have been looking into different ways of creating custom ringtones for your beloved iPhone without using iTunes. So, in this post, we’ll show you how to easily create custom ringtones for your iPhone.

Create Custom Ringtones for iPhone Without iTunes

This method will use the videos on YouTube and then converts them into a ringtone. After that you can select the ringtone as your liking. This requires you to do a few steps and in the end, you’ll see an ringtone on your iPhone. Here are the steps to easily create custom ringtones for your iPhone:

Step 1: First copy the link or URL of your favorite YouTube video onto your clipboard.

Step 2: Next, go to and paste the URL onto it. Then tap on the option of ‘Convert Video’. After the process is done, you can now download the MP3 to your computer for later usage.

Step 3: The next step you need to do is transferring the mp3 file into a M4R format ringtone. You can visit here and proceed converting the MP3 into M4R by uploading the file to the site and selecting your parameters for conversion.

Step 4: After the process is complete, all you have to do is downloading the same. However, you should make sure that you download the file as ‘Download for iPhone’ option.

Step 5: Now, plug your iPhone with the computer and launch iTunes on it. After that, you can then select the Tones option for your phone and then start synchronizing the tones. You’ll  have the Tones synced on your iPhone, then return to Ringtones under the Sounds Column in Settings to enjoy these great ringtones.

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Now, your iPhone has a new ringtone and you can enjoy your favorite tones each time when having incoming calls.