How to See Wi-Fi Password on Mac without Resetting Router

Many people usually complain that they find it difficult to remember the password for their home Wi-Fi network. As normal, you simply enter the password one time and save it to the Keychain access, then you can forget about it. Until you connect to that network again, you don’t have to worry about it. You just need to care about the password again when a new device connects  to your router, or you want to share the password with the others, but you don’t remember. So, you should read this post to know how to find Wi-Fi password on your Mac without having to reset Router.

Steps to Find Wi-Fi Password on Mac without Resetting Router

Step 1: First, turn on your Mac and type ‘Keychain Access’ in the Spotlight search bar at the top-right menu bar. You can also go to Applications, then open the Utilities folder and find ‘Keychain Access’.

Step 2: Once you search for options in the side bar, click on Passwords from the menu. Doing this will filter all the saved Wi-Fi passwords. After that, you  look for the network you want the password and then double click on it. Here you can see a Wi-Fi password on your Mac.

Step 3: Now, you click to show your password by entering your username and password (if required). Once this step is complete, you click on the ‘show the password’ box.

Step 4: You are probably prompted to enter your administrator name ass well as password to authenticate your account. After that, you click on the ‘show Wi-Fi password admin’ message.

Step 5: The Wi-Fi passwords will now be displayed in the text box located next to the ‘Show Password’ section.

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The Keychain Access feature on your Mac is the place storing all your apps, as well as passwords. Therefore, if you have forgotten one of the passwords then you can find them here. Hope that these above steps will help you show the Wi-Fi password on your Mac without resetting the router. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.