Five Methods to Fix ‘Your iPhone Not Able to Backup to iCloud’ issue

You usually use your iCloud account to back up all data on your iPhone. However, sometimes the iCloud Backup tool does not working well, and it causes you some troubles. So in this post, we’ll show you five common issues of iCloud Backup and the ways to fix them.

Fix Internet and storage issues

Issues relating the internet can be fixed easily if you connect your device to another Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. The storage problem is not difficult as well. You just need to check your backup data and remove redundancy files from it to free up space. In case you don’t want to delete your files, try to make a new solution for the iCloud backup on your iPhone. After that, you create a new backup. If iCloud backup does not work again, follow the next solution.

Sign out and Sign back in your iCloud Account

Besides internet and storage, the problem could also happen with your iCloud. This usually occurs when you have the same account used on your iPhone for a long time. The quickest way to fix it is signing out your account and signing it back in. This will not affect your data but can fix all the problems relating to the iCloud service. After you have already found the reasons of iCloud backup’s failure, you should take a look at its remedies.

Remove old iCloud backups and backup again

If your iCloud storage is full, the backup process cannot be completed. That time you should remove your old backups and make a backup again. To do that, go to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage -> Manage Storage -> choose the backup you want to remove and then tap Delete Backup. Now you can create a new fresh backup using iCloud Backup.

Resetting All Settings on your iPhone

If none of above methods works, you can try resetting your iPhone to default settings. To do this, go to the Settings -> General option -> Reset all settings (enter the passcode if you set up) -> Tap it again to confirm. Hopefully it will fix the problems with your iCloud backup.

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Restore your device with iTunes


If the problem still exists, the last resort is restoring your iPhone using iTunes. To do this, plug your iPhone to your computer already pre-installed the iTunes latest version. After that, click on your iPhone icon, backup all of your data and then press Restore button. After the process is completed, check your iCloud backup option and it will work properly.