Some Amazing Features of Windows Lumia Phones you Probably Don’t Know

Yes, I know that the dominance of Android smartphones in the market today may seem to be sending Windows smartphones packing. But at least before that happens, I must take this time out to appreciate some great features I enjoyed while yet on the Windows smartphone freak basket. The windows Lumia phones are great when it comes to premium design, sleekness, camera and some cool features which makes the OS stand out among other OS. We compiled some of the cool features you probably don’t know in this post.

Some Amazing Features of Windows Lumia Phones you Probably Don't Know

1. Unlock your phone just by looking at it:
Thanks to Windows 10’s new Hello feature and an iris scanner located in the top right hand corner of the Lumia, unlocking your phone has never been easier. You can unlock your phone easily and securely, simply by looking at it – no PIN or password required. To do this, go to Settings > Personalisation > Lock Screen > Sign-In Options. Find the Windows Hello option and once you’ve taken a few seconds to stare into the front-facing camera, you’re all set.

2. Track your movements to stay healthy:
It’s never been easier to keep track of your health and fitness, with a little help from your Lumia. The phone tracks your movements so that your health apps can use the data. To customize how this works on your phone, go to Settings > Extras > Lumia Motion Data and select your options. You can switch between basic and detailed data collection to choose whether to include your standing, walking, running, driving and cycling data.

3. Make your phone child-friendly:
For those parents who know all too well how it feels to have children who are more tech-savvy than you are, this one’s for you. Windows Mobile’s Kid’s Corner feature separates pre-selected content such as apps, videos and games that your kids can access. No more worries about them getting their hands on unsuitable content or sending an inappropriate email to your boss. To activate this feature on your Lumia, go to Settings > Accounts > Kid’s Corner and select which content you’d like to make available. Once it’s set up, you can access Kid’s Corner by right sniping from the lock screen.

4. Turn your phone into a PC:
The Continuum feature allows you to turn your Lumia into a fully-fledged PC simply by connecting it to Microsoft’s Display Dock, a mouse and keyboard, and an external display. Just like that, all your phone’s content appears on the bigger screen, automatically adjusted to fit the new size and resolution. It looks just like Windows 10 on a PC. Even better, when your phone is connected to the external monitor and you are using the display to work in the Office apps or let your kids watch a movie, you can continue to use your phone to check emails and answer calls. If you don’t have an external mouse, you can also choose to use your phone’s screen as a trackpad.

5. Take great photos wherever you are:
The Lumia’s 20-megapixel sensor, Zeiss optics andtriple LED natural flash all mean the photos you take on your phone are of higher quality than ever before. Added to this, the phone’s camera reacts to its environment so that you can get the best possible shot no matter the conditions. For example, if you’re trying to get a photo of your child on the soccer field, your phone will adjust its own shutter speed to capture the shot without the usual motion blur