6 Unique Android Apps for Productive Minds

Android Smartphones are made to assist us through certain task whether it is office work, gaming, photography, calls what ever you use your smartphones for, here are some cool apps you can install on your android phone. They have potentials to increase your productivity levels in all aspects of life and they do different awesome jobs.

6 Unique Android Apps for Productive Minds

Android Apps for Productive Minds

1. Sunrise Calendar

There are many calendar apps and If you’re going to be productive, you’ll need to keep track of your upcoming appointments and meetings, a calendar app is almost a necessity. Sunrise Calendar can import your schedule from Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and ICloud and it can even connect with other popular services like Facebook, Foursquare, and Trello. Additionally, you can add calendars for common events like holidays and sports schedules, and there are over 25,000 of these to choose from.

2. Forest

This unique app simply known as forest does a wonderful job when you don’t want to be distracted by your smartphone for a period of time, open Forest and set a timer. During this time, a virtual tree will start to grow, but it will only reach maturity if you leave Forest open in the foreground for the duration of your timer, with the screen either on or off. Leaving the app will
cause your tree to die, but reaching your goal of smartphone free time will permanently plant your tree in a virtual forest.

3. Timetable

Originally made for students this unique app syncs your schedule between Android devices, and there are several unique calendar views that help you see what’s on your day’s agenda. On top of that, Timetable will even silence your phone’s ringer automatically during lectures, labs, and exams.

4. 7 weeks

This awesome app start by setting a goal for yourself, then choose a day to start developing this new, productive habit.From there, you’ll see a simple grid of 49 squares these represent your 7-week path to forming this good habit. As you go, simply enter an “O” when you’ve had a slip-up, and an “X” on days you were successful, then the app will offer inspiration with progress statistics up until you’ve accomplished your goal.

5. CamScanner

The app is incredibly simple to use just snap a photo of the original document, then CamScanner will automatically crop and convert the image into a high-contrast PDF file. From there, you can even add notes and run a character recognition analysis, which means you’ll be able to search for specific terms in the document with any PDF reader.I will add you when

6. Renotify

The premise here is simple whenever you need to remember that something, just open the Renotify app. From here, your keyboard will already be up and running, so simply type in the reminder or to-do list item, then press “Create.” From now on, you’ll see a notification with your note or reminder at the top of every screen, and when you’re ready to cross this item off your list, simply swipe the notification away.

So have you used any of these apps? Give us your experience in the comments.