Tech giant Google is working on a Periscope competitor called YouTube Connect

Tech giant, Google is not repenting on its efforts to bring technology to everyone. They are working on a possible contender to the Twitter video streaming app Periscope, the YouTube Connect.

YouTube Connect

The app will be called YouTube Connect, the service would pretty much be like Periscope. The app will be available on Android and iOS. You will be able to log in with your Google or YouTube account and then stream the event, which will be visible in the app and also on your channel, if you have one. You can choose to save the stream after you’re done so people can watch it later if they missed the live stream. There will also be chat and tagging features and you can also see what others are live streaming on your news feed.

The new YouTube Connect will attempt to appeal to the younger crowd but with YouTube still part of the name, it remains to be seen if people will take to it. Besides, Google just isn’t as cool as Twitter or even Facebook.