Steps to Move Android Apps to MicroSD Card.

Large apps such as games leave most of their data on the internal storage. For example, Asphalt 8 puts just 64MB of data on the microSD card while leaving the remaining 1.4GB to fill up your phone or tablet. However, you can save some space this way, particularly if you have a lot of apps installed, you can move all of them to your memory card.

Most Android phones aside the recent ones come with low internal memory, much of which is already taken up by the operating system and preloaded software. After you start adding your own apps, shooting photos, downloading movies and putting your music collection on the device, you risk running out of space. Fortunately, a number of tablets and phones come with microSD card slots that allow you to expand your storage capacity by inserting a memory card. However, to install apps it uses the internal memory most time you are unable to install new apps just like the example above.

Here’s how you can move apps into the microSD card

1. Navigate to settings on your phone

2. Tap Application Manager.

3. Select an app you want to move to the microSD card.

4. Tap the Move to SD Card button. (If you don’t see a Move to SD Card button, the app cannot be moved) Most preloaded apps cannot be moved to an SD card.

Move Android Apps to MicroSD

If you wish to move an app back to the internal memory, hit the “Move to device storage” button.

That’s all. Let’s know if you have any issues while doing this.