Quick Guide to Know Android Screen Problem Plus Possible Fix

Technology just got cooler with this simple method you can use to find out what is wrong with your Android Screen and possibly fix it yourself and save that 1500 technician pay.

Android Screen Problem

Here is what to do:

Dial either of these codes from your phone, one
or two of them should work:
1. *#0*#
2. *#7353#

Now select the option/menu that says Touch (or any related term). You will see a white screen with grids or small square boxes. With your finger, tap on all the grids/boxes or draw
lines on them till they change from white to green. If you successfully paint all the boxes green,then it means that your device’s touchscreen is working perfectly fine. The issues you may be experiencing should be due to a software problem. To solve this problem, try the following:

1. Take off the battery of phone and re insert. If problem persists, proceed to step 2.
2. Hard reset your phone. By hard resting your device, you will lose all the saved files in your phone. you will be left only with the factory default setting and a return to the original mobile drivers and installaation files on your device as set by the manufacturer.This should be able to fix your screen problem caused by a software defect. Click here to learn how you can hard reset your phone.

Here is a quick excerpt on how to hard reset your Android phone: Many Android phone makers gives a specific guideline on this but in the absence of such, generally you:

1. Switch off the device
2. Hold the POWER key together with at least the down volume key to power the phone and start the resetting process.
3. A command-like window with sometimes a green text appears
4. Use the up/down volume keys to scroll screen and use the Power key to select.
5. Select WIPE DATA and the phone reboots after some few minutes to clear and reset your device memory.

What if the above didn’t work? Then its a Hardware issue! If the software diagnosis didn’t help in solving the problem, that is if you couldn’t paint some of the boxes/grids green during the test, then its probably a hardware fault. You will have to change the parts. I advice you take it to a technician this time, it should cost you from N1,500(It depends on your device though) to change the touch screen of your Android Device.