Android Lollipop has an Hidden Game, here is How to find and play it

I bet you have not seen this Android lollipop game before, it’s more or less like Android hide the game somewhere, because I wonder if not hidden, why putting such an interesting game in a place where only one can find accidentally. If you are curious to know how I saw this game, I was actually playing around with my new infinix x600 note 2 features and settings when I stumbled upon this awesome and difficult game.
Here is how to find the Game on Android lollipop

– Navigate to your phone settings.
– At the bottom of the settings page, click on About phone

Android Lollipop Hidden Game
– On About Phone page, look for Android version quickly tap it three times.

Android game

– This would bring up a screen with a small logo, click on it.
– Tap the Google Lollipop, tap and hold on the logo for two seconds. The game will launch.

Android Lollipop Game
Here is a video on how to find and play the Android lollipop game

Alternative way to download this Android game to your phone.

If you see the process of locating the game as a stressful one, here is a solution. Immediately I found out this android lollipop game, I was curious to know if the game really exist, fortunately enough, I found the game on Google play store named “Lollipop Land”. Though I heard from a friend that there was once a game like that name flappy bird but was removed by the developer because he thought it was too addictive, sounds funny? Try the game

Just download the game and enjoy.

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Here is the challenge, play this game and send a screenshot if you are able to earn 5point in the game.

Note: Game challenge ends February