Easy Steps to Import All Your Favorites Into Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the latest browser from Microsoft corporation. The latest Microsoft Edge replaced the already dead Internet Explorer and since the release of the Edge many users have upgraded. Also, if you are among those who upgraded to Windows 10 you will want to agree with me that the Edge browser doesn’t feel too cool on Windows 10 without the old bookmarks.

In THIS POST i AM GOING TO WALK YOU THROUGH THE PROCESSES INVOLVED IN IMPORTING YOUR BOOKMARKS FROM AN OLD BROWSER TO THE NEW Microsoft Edge..Just remember currently, Edge can import favorites from only Chrome and Internet Explorer, so if you’re using Firefox or Opera, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

  1. Open Edge.

edge browser


2. Click the Hub button in the top right (the one with three horizontal lines).

screenshot (8) 675379.5

3. Click the Star icon to select to favorites tab if it isn’t selected already

screenshot (9) 675379.5

4. Hit the button that says “Import Favorites.”

screenshot (9) 675379.5

5. Select the boxes next to the browsers you want to import favorites from.

screenshot (11) 675379.5

6. Hit Import.

screenshot (10) 675379.5

Having done these you are all set to surf all your favorite websites on the go. Any question? Please use the comments.