2016: See Expected Tech Products to Be Launched

The year 2016 promises to be a great year not only our lives as humans but also in the world of technology. To make this a reality, many tech companies have gone to work just to roll out something new for the new year. Well we are not sure if we will be getting the launching of these tech products and gadgets this January but what we do know is that they should all be up for launching before September. So what are we to expect?

iPhone 7

Yeah, Apple is underground working to replace the current iPhone 6s with something latest. I’m sure you love the iPhone 6s but you need to wait until you see the latest iPhone 7 because with Apple anything is possible.
Rumours have it that the latest iPhone 7 will sport great features like an edge-to-edge display, seem perfectly plausible while others including waterproofing and the loss of the headphone jack are more farfetched. We will just keep quiet and wait for this.

We loved the swag when Microsoft boasted that the current Surface 4 Pro is the “ultimate laptop.” So we are really keeping our fingers crossed to see what Microsoft will call the Surface Book laptop it is planning to launch around September. When the Microsoft Surface Book shows up it will come with at least 128GB of storage, a Core i5 Skylake processor and 8GB of RAM. The high resolution screen which detaches keyboard via the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge from the keyboard which has a graphics card in it. We can’t wait for this.

We are not particularly sure what Samsung plans to call this one but all we know is that you will be getting a replacement for the current Samsung Galaxy S6. We don’t expect the rumoured Samsung galaxy phone to look any different from the Galaxy S6 but at least we will be getting some changes such as a squarer home button. The biggest new feature will be a pressure sensitive screen to rival the iPhone’s 3D Touch but USB Type-C and the return of the Micro-SD card slot. So let’s hope this comes real soon.