How To Disable Videos Autoplay on Facebook

Recently, Facebook rolled out an update with the features that automatically play videos on your timeline as you scroll through your facebook news feed both on Facebbok App and Facebook website on browsers. This is really a cool features and apparently would be love by many users, but you might not be one of those dudes that appreciate this videos playback features simply because it’s sucks internet data bundle, no doubt video suck more data than pictures. For people that visits Facebook on limited internet connection will have issues since the video playback will cost more data.

The good news is that you can easily disable video auto play on facebook app and facebook website.

How To Disable Video AutoPlay on Facebook Website

Click on the drop down icon at the right top corner as shown bellow

disable video autoplay on facebook

Select “Settings” in the drop down list

At the left menu, Select “Videos

disable video autoplay on facebook2

disable video autoplay on facebook3

Click the dropdown menu icon next to Auto-play Videos and select Off. This will turn off video playback only on the Facebook website, so videos on your timeline wouldn’t play automatically again.

How To Disable Video AutoPlay on Facebook App

Open Facebook app,  Click on the drop down icon at the top right corner of the app.

Disable Videos Auto Play on Facebook

Scroll down and select App Setting

Disable Videos Auto Play on Facebook2

Click on Videos Play Automatically and select off option.

Disable Videos Auto Play on Facebook3

Now you don’t have to worry about video automatically playing on facebook.

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