Microsoft Releases Cortana For Android In Beta Version

And now you can use Cortana on Android! Microsoft’s personal assistant is here, the much awaited cortana is now available for Android user, in beta version. Cortana has being available for a while now on Windows phone and also feature in the new Windows 10 recently released, its a good news for Android user as Microsoft launch the first Public beta version of Cortana for Android.

Microsoft Releases Cortana For Android In Beta Version

What Is Cortana?

Cortana is a digital personal assistant designed by Microsoft, just like Siri designed by Apple, Cortana offers lot of digital assistant with voice commands. Cortana can replace Google Now but not fully featured yet.

What does Cortana Do?

Cortana is capable of sending text message or call via voice commands, set auto reply to call in  case you are busy, it can search your entire file or document with voice commands, you can chat with Cortana, it cracks joke with you, with Cortana, you can set remainder for important events, schedule meetings and much more.

Mind you, Features like “Hey Cortana” to open apps or toggle apps options is not available on Android yet.

How To Download Cortana For Android

Download Cortana for Android(Beta version) on Google Playstore

Its being rumored that Microsoft is also working on Cortana version for iOS, but don’t think the updates is going to roll out, anyway, Android users can use Cortana now, thats cool…huh?