How To Activate Undo Send In Gmail

Have you ever regret sending an email which was not meant to be sent, or you forget to add something or an attachment to it, worry no more, Google has introduced an amazing features to retract messages that was sent just some seconds after sending it, this features is “Undo Send”, it’s off by default for users that is not using Gmail Lab.

With the undo send activated on your gmail, whenever you send a message, it will be delayed for a certain period of time, when you will be eligible to use the undo send features within the window of time until the message is sent normally, that is how the undo send feature works.

So, how will you activate Undo Send in Gmail?

How To Activate Undo Send In Gmail3_techlug

Here Is How To Activate Undo Send In Gmail

Note : This can be done via the web version and not mobile version.

1. Navigate To The  Settings Menu

As shown bellow, click on the settings icon at the upper right corner and select settings in the drop-down menu

How To Activate Undo Send In Gmail_techlug

2. Under the General tabs

Scroll down to undo send option(see bellow shot), and check Enable Undo send box. you can also select the window time for the option to be used, under “Send cancellation period” right bellow the enable undo send box

Send cancellation period

3. Now save your settings

Click on save changes at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

That’s all!

So, anytime you send a message, after the ”Your message has been sent” right beside it is the “undo send” which will be available for a particular period of time depends on what you set.

Cool, right?