[Video] How To Design a Logo Using Corel Draw

Do you need a logo for your website or blog? Here is a quick and easy video tutorial to guide you through on how to design a logo using coreldraw

I will be explaining to you in this video tutorial how to design a simple and clean logo using Corel draw…

Note : This Tutorial is not based on how to use Corel Draw, it’s basically on how to design a logo with corel draw, Have already discussed on this blog basic tips on how to use Corel Draw and some coreldraw tutorials.

So, lets get straight to business,

I will be using techlug.com current logo for an illustration, the video tutorial also includes;

– Designing a brand symbol
– How To Make the logo Transparent
– How To Export the logo to a .png file for uploading without losing the logo image quality and transparency.

Watch the full video bellow ;

Or Download the video of Design a Logo Using Corel Draw (link coming soon)

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