Quick Tips : How To Block SMS or Calls From Contact On Your iPhone

Is there someone being an unknown or known person you don’t want to receive calls or sms text from, maybe because they are spamming or disturbing you, you don’t have to stress yourself much in declining the call or deleting the messages from the contact, you can simply block the contact from calling or sending you messages.

So, If there someone you wish to block from sending you sms or from calling you due to whatsoever reason known to you, the good news is that you can easily block contacts from sending, calling, or trying to FaceTime you in iOS even if they are not actually a contact. But Note : It will only block sms or calls from the contact if they keep sending it ccontact.

block call and sms on iPhone1

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Here is how to block sms or calls from contacts on your iPhone ;

– Right in the contact, click on Details in the upper right-hand corner.

– Then click the (i) on the Details page as shown in the screenshot below.


block call and sms on iPhone

– Hence, click on the “Block this Caller” menu.

– And then click on the “Block Contact” button.

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And that’s it, you wouldn’t get any more sms, calls or even FaceTime requests from the contact again.


  1. I love to use iOS and now still using an Apple iPhone 5. One thing I don’t love iOS that it can’t block phrase in SMS like Android.

    If you got spam messages like me with same words repeat then you will know that’s a good feature to block all of those messages.

    Since from iOS launched, Apple just integrated Blocked feature in iOS 8, recently. But still haven’t phrase or word blocker. And I hope they will have it soon, in the upcoming iOS 9.