These Are What Drain Your Smartphone Battery!

If am in a position to fix a particular setback in smartphone, it will be its battery  life. Smartphone phones will have been more great if their battery life is as strong as normal phones. Smartphone generally, in the likes of Android, iPhone, windows phone, blackberry and the likes are well known with the way their battery drains, but did you even have the idea of what might have been draining this smartphone battery life? even if you have the idea, are they things you can control to avoid your smartphone battery being drain drastically? I think i got some ideas!

Leaving your smartphone data on for a longer period is a well known factor that suck smartphone battery, obviously the one that suck battery most simply because it gives chance to most of other factors that drain battery to operate but is that the only thing that drains smartphone battery?

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These Are What Drains Your Smartphone Battery!



=> Those Hot Wallpaper

Those HD wallpapers that please our eyes with their beauty have their hand in our smartphone battery 😉 You need to know this, the brighter the color, the brighter the light and the more it sucks your battery because every little pixel is producing its own light to produce such a nice dispaly. Not to talk of animating wallpapers.

Tips : Use cool wallpapers. With the experiment carried out by BBC, using darker themed wallpapers saved battery life by as much as 21%.

=> Vibration Alerts

Vibration is also among the conspiracy against smartphone battery, putting your phone in silent mode without vibration is one of the ways to save your smartphone battery. This should be no surprise for most blackberry users, because its kind of more obvious in Blackberry phones, though vibration does not only drains blackberry phones but also other smartphones, but vibration sucks a lot in blackberry.

Tips : Putting your smartphone in silent mode or disabling vibration in chats, notification or call saves battery.

=> Battery Temperature

Don’t be surprise, Battery’s temperature has effect on your battery. Too hot or too cold battery cause it to drain faster and could actually lead to reducing the battery life. One of the reason why most battery saver application has battery temperature feature to monitor the battery temperature. Keeping the battery at room temperature saves its life !

Tips : Avoid putting your phone in too hot or too cold places, both extremes have an effect on your smartphone battery.

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=> Screen Brightness

Good things demands a lot in smartphone, as hot wallpaper demands more of the battery, so the screen brightness. The brighter the light the more it drains battery. You don’t expect someone operating its smartphone at the lowest screen brightness to have the same battery level at a particular time with someone operating its own smartphone at the highest screen brightness.

Tips : Putting the screen brightness as low as possible will saves lot of your smartphone battery.

=> Those Free Apps

Smartphone apps generally consume battery, Well Known! but there are some apps that drains more of your phone battery. Free app are cool because you get a useful apps installed without stressing your pocket but most of them sucks battery, ask me how? Free apps developer display ads in their apps which serves as their own gain in return for giving you a free apps, these ads uses significant amount of power to generate and display it. If you have ever notice ads showing in your apps, its definitely a free app because a paid apps will never display ads in your apps.

Tips : Install only the useful free apps from a trusted developer otherwise, use paid apps.

You can try these and see if it makes any changes.

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