How To Overcome The Inaccessible NTFS Partition Issue and Retrieve Data

All latest versions of Windows use the NTFS file system type. There are various other file system types like FAT, ExFAT that can be found on many computers. However, the New Technology File System (NTFS) is more efficient and reliable as it offers better performance and disk utilization space. However, there are various instances where you might get some strange errors while working on NTFS based partitions, leading to inaccessibility of the NTFS partition. This could be due to any issue in the file or directory. One of the most common reasons that make the file unreadable is the corruption of the NTFS partitions. Some of the other reasons include virus infection, hardware failure, power surge, abnormal system shutdown, or any other kind of mishandling issue.

There are various inbuilt mechanisms that can be used to fix such an issue. However, in order to have any probability of recovering data, you should not use the effected NTFS partition. This is because, when a data is deleted from the storage device, its entry gets deleted, which appears to the user as if the data has been deleted. But, the actual data remains present on the system storage device. By performing any activities on the already affected NTFS partition, would overwrite the data already present, which needs to be recovered.

You can take the advantage of the way hard drive stores data, to try recovering any lost data from the system. Chkdsk utility is a useful inbuilt utility found on Windows that can be used in such situations. You can easily find this tool by typing ‘Chkdsk’ in the search bar on your system. When you run this tool, it generates a report for the inaccessible NTFS partition and analyzes the errors if any. The tool tries its best to resolve the issue and makes the data again accessible to you. However, the solution does not work for every situation.

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In addition, you can also try restoring the data from the already created backup. In case, you have not created any backup of your data, you probably need to look for some alternative solution.

Note: A regular data backup can help you overcome such data loss situations. That is why it is always recommended to have a timely data backup of your system. Data backup is a very easy process, as it just requires copying your data to a safe location for future reference. It is better to use an external error-free drive to save your precious data. However, you can use any inbuilt or professional tool to backup your data.

In case you have not backed up your data, the only solution is to use a professional and trusted tool. There are many such tools, which cater the need of data recovery from lost partitions on Windows. Once such tool is Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Professional.

With this tool, you can easily perform NTFS partition data recovery in no time. The software uses an advanced approach to recover lost or deleted documents, photos, audios, videos, and more from internal as well as any removable device. The tool supports ‘RAW Recovery’ along with the option to recover data from corrupt optical media. You can easily preview the files before the actual recovery and perform selective recovery at any desired location. While you are recovering the file, you can choose to compress one or more files in a single ‘zip’ folder.

Recover NTFS partitions using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery– Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional allows quick and easy repair of the corrupt or deleted partitions on Windows. The below mentioned steps explains the process to recover lost partitions using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – professional software.

  1. Open the software ‘Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional’.
  2. The main interface of the software is displayed, as shown below.

How to Overcome the Inaccessible NTFS Partition Issue and Retrieve Data


  1. Click ‘Drive Recovery’ option. This would list all the volumes present in the system below the Disk Recovery option, as shown below.

How to Overcome the Inaccessible NTFS Partition Issue and Retrieve Data 2


  1. Under the ‘Disk Recovery’ option choose any of the listed volumes to recover.
  2. If the volumes are invisible, you can find any of the lost volumes by clicking on the options, which says ‘Click Here to Search Lost Volumes’.
  3. From the right pane of the interface, you can choose any of the desired data recovery options to initiate the scanning process.
  4. The next interface shows the scan status with the help of a green progress bar, which moves from left to right as shown below.


How to Overcome the Inaccessible NTFS Partition Issue and Retrieve Data


As the scanning goes on, the left side of the screen keeps on listing all the recoverable items in a tree like structure.

  1. Once the complete scanning is over, all the recoverable files and folders are displayed on the left side of the screen. You can select any folder to view its content in the main interface itself .
  1. You can further click on any item, and preview it at the top of the main interface as shown below.
  1. You can select one or more desired files and click ‘Recover’.
  2. To save the data at a desired location, you can browse to the destination, and click ‘Ok’ .
  3. This will make the software to start saving the file at the specified location.



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