How To Vote Man Of The Match With Fifa Official App For World Cup

The ongoing soccer competition in Brazil known as Fifa world cup is one of the best tech supported competition in the world cup history so far. The introduction of the Goal-line technology is one of the great improvement, no more controversy on goal or no goal, as we can see in the last competition that took in South Africa where Lampard of England goal was denied by the referee, now thanks to God on the new technology called Goal-line technology.

However, not only the goal-line technology was introduced in the on-going competition. Man of The Match is another amazing thing that got easier, before 2010 world cup, there was nothing like Man Of The Match.

What is Man Of The Match ?

Man of The Match is an award given only one player with excellent performance in each of the Fifa World cup matches after the game unlike the best player and the likes award given to player after the competition.


How To Vote Man Of The Match With Fifa Official App For World Cup

The above picture is picture of Lionel Messi of Argentina holding the man of the match award.Don’t mind me using the picture, the guy is so good and the best have ever seen in the history of football.

How Does The Man Of The Match Decided ?

The winner of the Man of The Match is decided by voting, every fans vote counts, the player with the most votes with the award at the end of the game but mind you, the moment the match end so the voting.

How To Vote Man Of The Match ?

I Believe you have got your choice out of the Top 4 Android & iOS Apps To Follow Fifa World Cup going on n Brazil , my choice is the Fifa App For World cup,  if NO get yours now! is really a wonderful app, if YES the voting Man Of The Match in the Fifa Brazil World Cup is simple as reading this post 😉

You know what? You can vote man of the match with Fifa App For World Cup

To vote Man of the match with Fifa App For World Cup

  • After Getting your Fifa Official App
  • Right at the ” Global Stadium ” the features that bring to you, updates of all live matches of the 2014 World Cup, navigate to the features “Man Of The Match” you can vote a player of your choice from any of the 2 teams playing.


Note ; You can vote a player per match, though you can change your mind before the match ends and make a change but the votes ends and can’t be change the moment the game final whistle is blown.

To check who actually win the Man of the match award, after every match at the Global Stadium in the Fifa App for World Cup, you can check the winner there.

Now that the competition has reached the knockout stage, is getting more interesting,  Hope you wouldn’t be bias and you will choose by merit !