7 Tips To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

There are sure ways to improve iPhone battery life. Extending iPhone battery Life is such a cool thing, it sucks when you see how your phone’s battery drains in blink of an eyes, that’s smartphone for you 😉 .

Gone are those days, when you can use a fully charged battery for a whole week or at least 3 days but not in this time of smartphones where the average life cycle of a battery is 12 (+2/-2) hrs.


Tips To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life


If you are tired of charging your iphone constantly and carrying your charger all along, Here are 7 tips to extend your iPhone battery life including tips for the new iOS 7 though many of them involve turning off services and features.

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness ; Screen brightness sucks battery life a lot, reducing it will reduce your battery usage and definitely extend your iphone battery life, To reduce screen brightness, Go to settings > Brightness . The dimmer you screen brightness, the more it conserve more power.
  2. Prevent Background App Refresh ; This is a feature in the new iOS 7 which looks at the apps you use most often, the time of day that you use them, and then automatically updates them for you so that the next time you open the app, the latest information await you. Turning off this feature will saves a lot of your battery life, to turn this off, Go to Settings  > General > Background App Refresh.
  3. Sync your Email less Often: Setting your iphone to check for new email often sucks battery, The less often your phone accesses a network, the less battery it uses. To change this, Go to Settings >Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data.  You can Also read ; How To Reset iOS Devices ( iPhone & iPad )
  4. Reduce Auto-Lock Time : With Auto-lock feature in your iPhone,  you can set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep after a certain amount of time. But the fact is that the sooner it sleeps, the less power it consume running other service. A minute or 2 is ok, to change this, Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock.
  5. Turn Off Location Services ; iPhone has its built-in GPS which allows your phone to know where you are just like the map,it works with many apps on your phone that request location. But the sad part is that it also suck battery, so if you are not using the location service, try and turn off location service.
  6. 3G/4G ; Using 3G most especially the 4G, it uses more of your battery life, your battery will last longer if you can disable it when you don’t really need it.  To change this settings, Go to Settings > General > Cellular.
  7. Turn Off Bluetooth & Wifi ; Don’t be surprise, Bluetooth sucks part of your battery,so the so called wifi, they can sucks your battery within a blink of an eye, so try and turn this off whenever you are not using it to save your battery life. To turn this off, Settings > Bluetooth > Slide to Off and for the Wifi, Settings > WiFi > Slide to Off .

Bonus Tips For iOS 7 users ;

– Stop Motion

– Disable Dynamic Backgrounds.

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