How To Speed Up Android Phone Within A Minute

Is frustrating how Android phones slow down at times, am a good fans of android and believe me mostly all smartphone slow down with time but that is not an excuse for a slow android device, Your Android device is running slow if you notice it takes more time than before for the device to respond, if switching between task or to a new task or even back to the home screen is taking long, then definitely you android is running slow and you need to do some stuff to clean the mess. Have experience this many times and know how frustrating it is but the good news is that you can do this within a minute, How ? Chill 😉 and follows carefully.

How To Speed Up Your Android Phone Within A Minute
You just need to follow the bellow 3 steps to speed up your slow android phone, does it really matter you do it in a minute, all you care for is just to speed up the damn phone 😉

Speed_Up_Android_Phones=> Disable Or Uninstall Unused Apps ; Many of the apps you installed on your Android that you are not even using might be running in background and using part of your phone memory, Why not uninstalling them or what are they really doing on your phone when you are not using them, every installed app has the ability to weigh down your phone.  yourself, but crap ware is a little harder to dispose of.

Note ; It’s easy to uninstall apps you’ve downloaded but not the preloaded one but if you have rooted your phone, you can completely remove every trace of the preloaded apps you don’t want or need or better still disable them through the settings menu.
=> Close All Apps You Can Avoid To Quit ; If you are working on something important and your android phone start slowing down just of a sudden, try and close all apps you can avoid to quit at that moment, proceed to the next step and see how it respond.

Note ; Closing an apps might not actually quit it, you can quit this type of app by going to Settings > Apps > Swipe to running tab, select the apps and Stop .

=> Clear Your App Cache ; App cache pill up on your phone and eat up precious system resources and probably slow down your phone system. You can clear the cache of each app. To do this, Go to Settings > Apps , your own apps setting might be located somewhere else on your device, after getting to your Apps settings, click on each apps and select the “Clear Cache” option.
=> Check Your Internal Memory Space ; A low internal memory might be the reason behind any severe lag that your phone is experiencing.

  • Move your media (pictures, mp3 files, videos, and so forth) to the external memory, usually an SD card.
  • Some low-end and mid-range smartphones might already have low internal memories, in which case, moving your files to the SD card won’t help that much.

=> Disable live wallpapers, uneccessary widgets & shortcuts ; Your phone share its memory with this also, it might slow than your phone.

=> It might be your data connection that is heavier for your device, try and off it for a while for the system to respond well back as normal.

If your android phone is still slow, try and restart the phone but if it persists, am afraid you will have to Format your Android Phone.

Share your experience with a slow android phone and how you speed it up, your comment is highly welcome,

Kindly Share.


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