BBM Coming To Windows Phone And Nokia Android Soon

Good news for the Windows phone and Nokia Android users, they asked for it, and now here is it !

In a recent press release, the President Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry said ;

BBM continues to grow in popularity as millions of people use our mobile platform for chatting and connecting with friends or colleagues, and we are very excited that we will soon welcome Windows Phone and Nokia X users to the BBM community.

Vice President, Nokia Corporation added ;

“Today marks an exciting moment for Nokia. By bringing BBM to the Windows Phone and Nokia X communities, our customers will be able to experience this popular global messaging app.”

BBM was once available only on BlackBerry devices, Lately last year, it was rolled out to iOS and Android. That added more than 40 million registered users to the total BBM population by the end of 2013. Earlier this month, BlackBerry released another BBM version (2.0) for iOS and Android with lot of new features, including free phone calls and the BBM Channels.

Now blackberry will extends their BBM to windows phone in the coming month, and not only that BBM will also be available for the new Nokia X platform, as that of Android and iOS Playstore and Apple Store , the BBM for window phone and Nokia android will go live in Nokia Store. BBM is free and will be available as a free download for Windows Phone users too.

For Blackberry, thats a great move to increase number of people using the BBM service. And obviously, this is a great way for Nokia to prove their existence in the market and show their potential in the competition.

Lets see how soon this is , but this is not the first time they are making this type of soon promise and their soon is always soon…  aint next year soon ? 😉 But their soon is coming month to be precise.