5 Vital Factors You Must Consider Before Buying A Laptop

There are many factors to be considered before buying a laptop but there are some vital factors you need to consider first before buying a laptop so that you wouldn’t end up buying the wrong laptop. Buying a laptop is not that simple for people that know what it really takes to purchase a laptop that suits their need. Laptop is a very useful tool and its work can never be replace by another gadget though you carry your smartphone everywhere with you and it perform some of the laptop works for you like browsing the net with your mobile browser, creating a word document with your mobile Quick Ofiice and the likes but it wouldn’t be as easy or faster using your laptop most especially when you get a lot and complex work to do.


buying_a_laptop guideModern life computers are of great importance and the portable one (Laptop) are making lot of sense. So, buying a Laptop, you need to choose the right one to buy amidst the varieties available with different prices and capabilities in the market and that is why you need to consider these 5 vital factors before going for a laptop.

5 Vital Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying A Laptop

1. Purpose ; The first thing you must consider before buying a laptop is Purpose, ask yourself “what does I really need the laptop for ? Gaming ? Business ? or a proffesional work. Considering this, you have to go for a laptop that actually fit the work you want to use it for. Assuming that Gaming is what you need a laptop for, then you will have to go for a laptop of a good graphics card and high processor and also you will have to put the screen into consideration.

2. Hardware ; You need to put the bellow specs into consideration before buying a laptop.

=> Ram ; Enough RAM gives the ability to do more work simultaneously. Ram is necessary for image and video editing and 3D gaming. Getting a laptop with high amount of RAM is always a good approach.For a better experience with running high-end applications and multitasking, you must not settle for a less memory, Ram matters a lot, even most of the new cheap notebook now comes with a 4gb or more. With 8gb Ram, all tasks will be done smoothly.

Note ; It’s not a good idea to use a very high RAM size with small speed processor.

=> Processor: Processor is the heart of the computer, going for a higher speed which is available in the market is a good approach. Higher the number of cores in the processor the better the performance of the computer is. Intel Core i7 give a high performance, the Intel Core i5 and i3 are good for normal performance but the old Intel Atom and AMD C series and AMD E series gives a slower performance compare to the others but it save battery life alot.

=> Hard Disk ; This is part of the computer where you will save all your documents, files, folder, application and program. Different laptop varies in hard disk sizes, example are 120GB, 320GB, 500GB, If you will be working or saving a lot of files and data, then i won’t advice you to go for a less hard disk. You can partition your hard disk

3. Size ; Laptop have different size, you have to choose the right one that suits you. Many Chromebooks come with a 11 – 12 inches which is the thinnest and lightest and usually weigh less than 3 pounds. 15-inch laptops are the most popular one and usually weigh 5 – 6 pounds. If you’re not planning to carry your notebook around very frequently, then a 15-inch system could be a good deal for you. The biggest one is the 17- 18 inch.

4. Battery Life ; This is another vital factor you must consider before you buy a laptop, battery is the life of a computer, a fast computer without a good battery life is not complete, the new notebooks now that offer more than 6 hours of battery life. At least a 4hours battery life is endurable and i don’t see why you should go for a less one.

Note ; Your actual battery life will surely vary depend on what you set your screen brightness to and the type of tasks you perform.


5. Brand ; Believe me, Brands matters ! A laptop is only as good as the company that stands behind it because technical support is paramount. Most of the popular brand are ; Apple, lenovo, Hp, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Asus, Samsung and the list continues… the choice is yours and your trust or experience with the brand.

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Other factors you should put into consideration are ;

* WLAN & Bluetooth: WLAN and Bluetooth is an essential part of a laptop.

* Ports : It is necessary to have sufficient ports on a laptop for various purposes. At least two USB port is essential, four is even better and now that USB 3.0 ports are available, so it would be better to get a laptop with USB 3.0 ports because ports are lot faster than USB 2.0 ports.

* Display : The more pixels it has, the more content that can fit on screen, and the sharper it will look.


The variety of many eye catching laptops can be intimidating, but have it in mind that the best laptop you can buy is the one that really suits your needs.

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  1. You have shared good points in order to buy new laptop.These details will definitely help students as they need it mostly now a days.