20 Useful Mac Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know

It’s cool knowing how you can control so many aspects of your Mac easily, check out this amazing Mac Shortcuts!

20 Useful Mac Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know


20 Useful Mac Shortcuts You Probably Don't Know

Do You Know?

» Holding Shift During Power On ; This keyboard shortcuts is use to boot your Mac into Safe Mode, which will prevent some application from opening during startup to help you troubleshoot any issues. that’s amazing! huh?

» Ctrl + Command + D ; In some app like browsers or sticky note and the likes, pressing Ctrl + Command + D opens up a dialog box with definitions from the built-in Mac OS X dictionary and If you click “more”, it brings up more definitions in a new window.
» Hold Shift While Opening an App ; If happens that you have an application already set to open the windows from the last session you used it, this keyboard shortcut makes the app ignore that and launch the application without re-opening the windows from the last session. cool ! right ?

» Power Button ; Like that of Windows, in Mac also you can press your Mac Power button to put your computer into sleep mode, and also to shutdown or hibernate your Mac with this shortcut, press and hold the power button until a window pop up and select shutdown or hibernate for the option respectively.

» F11 ; Go to Desktop with just a click !

»  Drag And Drop Text ; Unlike on a PC, If you want to copy a paragraph out of your browser, lets take this for a example, to a document or text editing app,  you will have to i, select it  ii, copy it iii, open up a text-editing application and iv, paste it. But with Macs, you can do all this with just one step.

To copy a text, just Drag And Drop it to your desktop and will appear in a TextEdit file. But make sure you click and hold over the selected text for half a second before you start dragging; otherwise, your Mac will think you want to edit the selection and won’t let you drag it.

» Alt + Tab ; Switch between different windows without having to use your mouse.

»Crtl + Tab ; Switch between same windows without having to use your mouse.

  • Browsers Shortcuts
  1. Apple key + L ; Use this shortcut to select address bar ( To type in url ) in your browser without moving your mouse.
  2. Apple key + Enter ; Automatically add “http://www” and “.com”to your browser’s address bar , lets say you want to type https://www.techlug.com on your browser address bar, with this shortcut, just type dawahnet and press  Apple key + Enter , it will automatically add http://www to the beginning and .com to the end, which will now looks like this ( https://www.techlug.com ) Great ? 😉
  3. Apple key + D ; Create a shortcut to your favorite website by bookmarking the page, just use this shortcut Apple key + D to bookmark the page.
  4. Alt + Q ; Close your browser quickly, In case you want to protect your privacy by preventing people from seeing what you are doing on your browser, before you can locate and click the quit button it might be too late but using this shortcut keys will make it faster and smartly.

  5. Apple key + Z ; Use this shortcut to restore your previous accidentally close tab.
  • Screen Captures

Here are different ways of taking screenshot on Mac ;

  1. Command + Shift + 3 ; Capture a screen to a file (will save on your desktop)
  2. Command + Ctrl + Shift + 3 ; This will Capture a screen to your clipboard.
  3. Command + Shift + 4 ; Select an area to be captured to a file.
  4. Command + Ctrl + Shift + 4  ;Select an area to be captured to your clipboard.
  5. Command + Shift + 4 + Space ; This is use to Capture a whole window.

Tip :  If you hold down space after you’ve started selecting an area to capture, you can move the selected area around.

Note; Some of the shortcut are OS X Mavericks specific.

Other Useful Mac Shortcuts

– Command + W – Close current window

– Command + Option + W – Close all windows

– Command + R – Refresh

You can also check other series of shortcut keys

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