Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome and Firefox Browser

I love shortcuts because it makes my work faster, don’t you ? it sounds strange hearing facebook keyboard shortcuts for google chrome and mozilla firefox browser, right ? yeah, you heard me right! Facebook has shortcuts keys for both Chrome and Firefox browser. If  you notice me this time around, have being using less time on social networking sites this year, that is part of my plan, i have many things to work out this year,many projects on my desk awaiting kick off and likewise busy with my study at school but that doesn’t mean a total disappearance from social network site such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but still i have to optimize my time. So, Instead of spending more times, why not saving some minutes using facebook keyboard shortcuts?


Here Are Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

  • Alt+? : Search
  • Alt+m : Compose a new message
  • Alt+1 : Home page
  • Alt+2 : Your profile page
  • Alt+3 : Friend requests
  • Alt+4 : Your messages
  • Alt+5 : Notifications
  • Alt+6 : Account page
  • Alt+7 : Privacy
  • Alt+8 : Facebook’s Facebook page
  • Alt+9 : Facebook Terms/Agreement
  • Alt+0 : Facebook help center

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for  Firefox Browser

  • Alt+shift+? : Search
  • Alt+shift+m : Compose a new message
  • Alt+shift+1 : Home page
  • Alt+shift+2 : Your profile page
  • Alt+shift+3 : Friend requests
  • Alt+shift+4 : Your messages
  • Alt+shift+5 : Notifications
  • Alt+shift+6 : Account page
  • Alt+shift+7 : Privacy
  • Alt+shift+8 : Facebook’s Facebook page
  • Alt+shift+9 : Facebook Terms/Agreement
  • Alt+shift+0 : Facebook help center

Mind you, Left (←) and Right (→) arrow keys can be use to Navigate between photos.

And also L : To Like photos.

Hit again : To unLike already liked photo

Try these and save your precious time, time wait for nobody… Cheers !!!