How To Back up And Restore Windows 8 Start Screen Layout

Windows 8 Start screen serves as a gateway to your PC and definitely the first page that show up after logging in to your computer, mind you there is an option to boot to the desktop directly instead.

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But imaging dedicating a lot of time to customize and beautify your start screen layout but unfortunately lose it in one way or the other, this sounds weird ! You might lose this design when you reinstall window or an external body tamper with it or rearrange it, But instead of wasting much time to go again on customizing the start screen layout which might not even be ok or as that of before, just follow the bellow steps carefully to back up your screen layout and restore it when you need it so as to saves your time and stress.

How To Back up And Restore Windows 8 Start Screen Layout

  1. Open the Run dialog box ( using Windows key + R in your desktop )
  2. Type “ %LocalAppData%MicrosoftWindows ” ( As shown bellow ) and click on Ok to open Windows Explorer to the location of the Start screen layout files.  How to back up and restore your Windows 8 Start screen layout
  3. Copy the files, “appsFolder.itemdata-ms” and “appsfolder.itemdata-ms.bak” to your backup folder.

So If anything happens to your Start screen maybe someone just delete some things or rearrange your start screen layout and you want to restore start screen layout, its just just copy the backup files back to the original location. And note that you might need to overwrite the files already in the folder to restore layout .