Backing up data is an important task you must not ignore, things go wrong sometimes, hard disk might fails even the most reliable computer breaks down, so who gave your data a life guarantee? having your data secured by backing them up is something you must not overlook, is just surprising how people forget or intentionally ignore this important task for one reason or the other which suppose not to be.

Backing up of data simply means copying and archiving of computer data to another storage for the purpose of restoring it later if the data loss or something goes wrong, this process yield Backup which you can use to recover your data after its loss,corruption or deletion. Not only that, you can use this Backup to restore the data to its previous version.


You don’t have to worry of where to start, tools to use or even how to go about the process anymore, today am sharing with you the simple steps on how to backup your data be it’s on Window based computer or Macs.

backup_dataThere are different way to backup your data which includes

=> Backing up to the cloud ;This is a cloud based method of backing up your files where your files will be synchronize to your cloud storage but if using a free service, you will manually add the files to your service, service like Google drive, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive will give you a folder you can place on your computer , so any file added to the folder will be synchronize with your cloud storage.

There are many free services available for online backup services for your files, Google drive, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive are examples of the service but only with fair amount of space though you can upgrade to have access to more space.

=> Backing up data manually ; This is a common way of backing up data which is always use for small amount of files , the process involve plugging in an external drive ( like flash or hard drive ) or CDs/DVDs ( you will need to burn the files to save them ) after plugging in the storage device you want to use to backup your data, all you need to do is to locate the files, copy them and paste it in the device.

Tips ; You can use this method to backup your important files or documents because in case of space, it may not be able to save all your data.

And also, always keep your important backup in different place in case one of the storage device corrupts.


The last step i will lay more emphasis on is backing up data using backup programs on different windows.


How to backup data on windows XP ;

  • Firstly install the backup utility from your windows installation disc by inserting the disk in your computer Cd drive.
  • Navigate to X drive;  X:ValueAddMsftNtbackup
  • Click on Ntbackup.msi and install it
  • After installing the utility, you can now run it on your computer and follow the instruction carefully.

Mind you, you will need a storage device to save it

How to back up data on windows 7 ; This is kind of easier in window 7 and vista

  • Click on Start Menu > Control Panel
  • Select “System and Maintenance” (On Vista) “System and Security” ( On Window 7 )
  • Click on “Set up Backup” and follow the instructions carefully.

how to back up data on windowsHow to backup data on windows 8 ; This can be done in 2 different ways

# First Method ;

Window 8 File History

  • Type File History in the start screen
  • Click on settings and press Enter
  • Now choose the location you want to backup you data to
  • And click Turn On.( you can use the Exclude folders option to exclude some file you don’t want to backup )

# Second Method ;

Window 8 File Recovery ( It allows you to backup the entire system )

  • Go to the start screen
  • Type ” Window 7 file recovery ” in the search box.
  • Navigate to settings and press enter
  • Now choose the location you want to backup your files to.


=> HOW TO BACKUP DATA ON MAC OS ; For macs computer, you can use manual method as explained above , you can also Time Machine .

Time Machine is a built-in backup feature of Mac OS , it automatically backup the entire Mac, it has an interface for restoring files or the whole system.

How to backup data on Mac Os using Time Machine

  • Firstly connect your external drive ( with enough space)  to the computer.
  • If you have not set up Time Machine before, on plugging in your external drive it will open a dialog box asking you if you want to use it for Time Machine.
  • Click on ” use as backup disk ” to use it for time machine
  • After setting your drive for time machine backup , your data will save automatically every hour

But if the dialog box does not show, then you will have to go to Apple Menu > System Performance, then select Time machine

You don’t like backing up or you are too lazy to back your data up ? Believe me, backing up data is a life saver, sooner or later it will save your ass one day.