4 Ways to recover deleted files

Yes! Don’t lose hope yet on your deleted or lost files, “Nobody is above mistake” – it’s possible you mistakenly delete a vital file or folder containing an important document OR you notice a sudden disappearance of a file whether due to an operation or external action or even overwritten of your files, you have no worry there are still probability you can restore deleted files

Believe me! deleting a file from a computer completely is not as easy as you might think. If you delete a file recently and haven’t used your computer much since then, there’s a good chance the file is intact, you just need a method to help locate it , today i will be discussing 3 Simple ways on how to recover deleted files so that you can save what you once thought was lost.

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If you are looking for ways to recover deleted files, then you are in a right place; follow the bellow methods accordingly to recover lost files.

  1. RESTORING FILE FROM RECYCLE BIN; If you haven’t delete your file permanently, you can try and double check the file’s original location as well as the Recycle Bin, If found in the Recycle Bin, right-click on the file and select Restore to restore the file to its original location ,After doing this you can now view the files from their previous location. Or you can simply drag and drop the file outside the recycle bin to a new location. Note; If you delete your file permanently ( ctrl + Alt Delete ) u wouldn’t find it in the recycle bin.
  2. RESTORING FILE FROM A BACKUP ; If happens that you back-up your computer files recently before you mistakenly permanent delete or lost your file, you can recover your deleted file from the backup you. So how to restore your file from a backup ? Click on the Start button >> Control Panel then select System and Maintenance, and then click on “Backup and Restore”. Select the Restore my files option and then follow the steps in the wizard carefully.
  3. RESTORING FILE FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS ; Previous versions are automatically saved as part of a restore point. If system protection is turned on, Windows will automatically creates previous versions of files and folders that have been modified since the last restore point was made. Typically, restore points are made once a day. If you partition computer hard disk or if you have more than one hard disk on your computer, you need to turn on system protection for the other partitions or disks. Previous versions are also created by Windows Backup when you back up your files. NOTE; If you modify a file several times in one day, only the version that was current when the restore point or backup was made is saved as a previous version. So, how to restore your file from previous versions ? Open Computer by clicking the Start button >> Computer , Navigate to the folder that contain the file or folder before, right-click it >> and select Restore previous versions. If the folder was at the top level of a drive, for example C:, right-click the drive, and then click Restore previous versions. NOTE; To restore a previous version of a file or folder that’s included in a library, right-click the file or folder in the location where it’s saved, rather than in the library. For example, to restore a previous version of a picture that’s included in the Pictures library but is stored in the My Pictures folder, right-click the My Pictures folder, and then click Restore previous versions
  4. RESTORING FILE USING A FILE RECOVERY SOFTWARE ; I will recommend using Recuva , with this software, Files are individually listed whether recoverable or overwritten and can be restored in a matter of clicks.

Dear readers, i will be stopping in this 4 ways of recover deleted files, your contribution is highly welcome in the comment box, but always have it in mind that “precaution is often the best data recovery method”

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