As i use to say, a computer geek must work professionally in order to make his work faster with the use of shortcuts keys, here is another shortcut key for the well known window’s calculator on computers.


  • F1 Open – Calculator Help
  • F2 – Select Dword in Programmer mode
  • F3 – Select Word in Programmer mode
  • F4 – Select Byte in Programmer mode
  • F5 – Select Hex in Programmer mode
  • F6 – Select Dec in Programmer mode
  • F7 – Select Oct in Programmer mode
  • F8 – Select Bin in Programmer mode
  • F9 – Press the +/– button
  • F12 – Select Qword in Programmer mode
  • Ctrl+A – Press the Average Sq button in Statistics mode
  • Ctrl+B – Press the 3√x button in Scientific mode
  • Ctrl+E – Open date calculations
  • Ctrl+H – Turn calculation history on or off
  • Ctrl+G – Press the 10x button in Scientific mode
  • Ctrl+U – Open unit conversion
  • Ctrl+L – Press the MC button
  • Ctrl+M – Press the MS button
  • Ctrl+O Press the cosh button in Scientific mode
  • Ctrl+P Press the M+ button
  • Ctrl+Q Press the M- button
  • Ctrl+R Press the MR button
  • Ctrl+S Press the sinh button in Scientific mode
  • Ctrl+T Press the tanh button in Scientific mode
  • Ctrl+Y Press the y√x button in Scientific mode
  • Ctrl+Shift+D Clear the calculation history
  • Alt+1 Switch to Standard mode
  • Alt+2 Switch to Scientific mode
  • Alt+3 Switch to Programmer mode
  • Alt+4 Switch to Statistics mode
  • Alt+C Calculate or solve date calculations and worksheets
  • Backspace Press the backspace button
  • Del Press the CE button
  • Esc Press the C button
  • Enter Recalculate the calculation history after editing
  • % Press the % button
  • / Press the / button
  • + Press the + button
  • * Press the * button
  • – Press the – button
  • 0-9 Press the number buttons (0-9)
  • R Press the 1/× button
  • @ Press the square root button
  • . Press the . (decimal point) button
  • = Press the = button
  • Up Arrow key Navigate up in the calculation history
  • Down Arrow key Navigate down in the calculation history
  • # Press the x^3 button in Scientific mode
  • ! Press the n! button in Scientific mode
  • ; Press the Int button in Scientific mode
  • ( Press the ( button in Scientific and programmer mode
  • ) Press the ) button in Scientific and programmer mode
  • & Press the And button in Programmer mode
  • ^ Press the Xor button in Programmer mode
  • ~ Press the Not button in Programmer mode
  • | Press the Or button in Programmer mode
  • A Press the Average button in Statistics mode
  • D Press the CAD button in Statistics mode
  • K Press the RoR button in Programmer mode
  • L Press the log button in Scientific mode
  • M Press the dms button in Scientific mode
  • N Press the ln button in Scientific mode
  • O Press the cos button in Scientific mode
  • P Press the pi button in Scientific mode
  • Q Press the x^2 button in Scientific mode
  • S Press the sin button in Scientific mode
  • T Press the tan button in Scientific mode
  • V Press the F-E button in Scientific mode
  • X Press the Exp button in Scientific mode
  • Y Press the x^y button in Scientific mode

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